Dating Is Not Fun Or Interesting And You Should Read All About It

What does it take to be a successful sex blogger? I read a few of the newer sex blogs last night and familiarized myself with traits of a successful sex blogger: must be female, cisgender, blond, thin, and pretty enough to be photographed nude. It also helps to live on one of the coasts and […]

Ms. Behaved Style Icon – Lydia Brambila

Name: Lydia Brambila Age: 20 Location: Athens, GA What you “do” in your own words: I go to school, play in bands, work at a library, raise a cat, and sleep like the dead. What is your style philosophy in a nutshell? I like for my everyday wear to both be super comfy and also […]

Still Feminist, Size Positive, and “Actually” Fat

in jesus name, lettuce spray.

This is a comment I received on Facebook regarding my most recent blog post here at  I wasn’t surprised to receive a comment like this, just disheartened, because I thought I’d made it clear in my article that my ideals were intact even though I did something that is, from the outside looking in, […]

My Phoenix Is a FAThlete

I disappeared from during the early fall of last year, when life was blowing up in my face. I lost my awesome job and my great house within about two months of each other, and then moved out of another home about two months later. My attempts at dating were so horrible and humiliating […]

Greetings from new Associate Editor Rashaun Ellis!

I am SO ready for this. I’ve been writing for this blog since May of last year, and I was so happy when Bianca approached me about being an associate editor for  Six months before that I’d been floundering around my wonderful hipster town of Athens, GA, tits-deep in a boozy whirlwind.  I think […]

I Shaved My Legs For The First Time in A Decade

Read the title up there.  Now, let me clarify something.  I’m only guessing that it’s been a decade since I last shaved.  I’m 31 now, and I know I stopped shaving before I turned 21.  Either way, it had been so long that I actually didn’t quite remember what to do – do I need […]

Turning the Tables: Would it Still be “Hilarious” if Somebody Raped Daniel Tosh?

I was having a tough time finding inspiration for my weekly post here at Ms. Behaved.  I started a column about how I recently shaved my legs for the first time in over a decade, getting about 100 words in before I gave up, and then I did the same with another installment of Sex […]

Sex Shop Stories: Working for “Lifestylers” (NSFW)

Names have been changed, duh. I moved to DC in August of 2007, fresh out of undergrad at Delta State University and ready to make my fortune in writing and editing.  The first job I could find was door-to-door canvassing for a very well-known mainstream GLBT advocacy group, but of course it sucked – most […]

In Defense of the Sexually Prudent Feminist

Recently a really good friend told me that I’m a jealous, sex-negative prude because I chided them for not telling me when they took off to bang a stranger.  I was told that I “need to get laid” or at the very least “be in a monogamous relationship” so that I don’t focus on her […]

In Search of Lady Bears: The Challenges of Dyke Dating in Southern Cities

Preface by Bianca: When Rashaun sent me this piece, I initially thought it was just about challenges related to lesbian dating, but after reading it, I realized that this essay is just as much as what it’s like to participate in the gay scene in the South, and how divergent her experiences are from my […]

Black Ass Sabbath: Punk, Metal and Racial Politics

One of my earliest memories is lying in bed with my sister with the TV on, no older than 5 or 6, and watching Def Leppard and Poison videos on MTV.  As little Black girls in the south, we didn’t have much exposure to rock music, and I remember being mesmerized by the big blond […]