Sex Talk: Women, Sex & Scissoring With C. Fox

Our new blogger C. Fox of PrettyBoiFox says that scissoring is NOT a lesbian myth. Advertisements

2013 Fatkini Review

Ok, so this post is kind of overdue, but I haven’t been able to get to the beach much this year living in Indiana. But I plan to enjoy Hollywood Beach every chance I get on my upcoming 2 week trip to Chicago! I’ve been wearing bikinis while fat for about eight years now, and […]

Greetings from new Associate Editor Rashaun Ellis!

I am SO ready for this. I’ve been writing for this blog since May of last year, and I was so happy when Bianca approached me about being an associate editor for  Six months before that I’d been floundering around my wonderful hipster town of Athens, GA, tits-deep in a boozy whirlwind.  I think […]

Welcome to Ms. Behaved 2.0! (No Foolin’!)

Almost exactly one year ago, I got a message from Sarah Saxon. We were both XOJane alumni, I ran a personal blog about sex, gender, and hip hop called School for Scandal, and she asked me if I wanted to contribute to her new project Sure, why not? I thought. I was down in […]

Work It! Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coach Golda Poretsky

Work It! is an interview series on MsBehaved featuring fascinating folks who work outside the traditional 9-5, to amuse, inspire, and light a fire under your butt to start pursuing the career of your dreams. As a fat Public Health student, I am proud to feature intuitive eating and body image coach Golda Poretsky, HHC […]

Author Q&A: Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams on “Playing Well with Others”

On monday, Ms. Behaved featured an excerpt from Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams’ new book on exploring BDSM, “Playing Well With Others: Your Field Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities” (Greenery Press, 2012). Go read it if you haven’t yet! Today we are featuring an interview with the authors, a […]

Learning to Drive in Your 30s is Some Bullshit

This post also appears at School for Scandal blog. If you learned to drive as a teenager, you are lucky. It’s probably not a big deal to you, it’s just another thing you do. Learning to drive at age 32, on the other hand, is a lesson in abject humiliation, as an otherwise competent and […]

The Power of Flowers

I recently treated myself to an all-girl, five-day Greek holiday, from Mykonos to Santorini.  Words that describe the experience:  Beautiful! Amazing! Inspiring! Delicious! Mind-blowing!  There’s a very real danger that I’ll sound like a broken record, encouraging every woman I know to make a similar trip a priority. But I need to get back on […]

Internet, BC: Memoir of a Music Fan’s Pre-Digital Adolescence

I remember the first time I saw a picture of Joy Division. It’s difficult to imagine, in this Age of Internet, what it would be like not to know what the members of your favorite band looked like — but once upon a time, it was a very real possibility. It was 1996. I was 16 years […]

Taking a Compliment

As much as I absolutely love and appreciate when my boyfriend pays me a compliment, I have to admit there is no better compliment than one that comes from a completely random woman. A woman you have no connection to, one who is not a friend of a friend of a friend, just a woman […]

Cecelia and Bianca Take a Trip: Or, a Tour of the Sex Shops of Rural Indiana

I’m moving from Chicago to Bloomington, Indiana in two months, so my ladypal Cecelia Strick9 and myself took a road trip so I could look for an apartment. We also decided to visit every rural sex shop we passed on the way, because we’re both pervs like that. DAY 1: We hit the road Thursday […]

Preview: Deep Inside Femmily’s Closet

I am very excited to feature health educator, activist, and non-gender-conforming femme fashionista Femmily for our Work It! career interview feature next Monday. Femmily is lucky enough to have a workplace where she can wear almost anything! She was nice enough to give me a video tour of her amazing closet, and some tips on […]

MsBehaved is Seeking Submissions

MsBehaved is a lifestyle publication focused on women’s issues, though our content is inclusive to all people. We’re looking for diverse writers with strong voices– all genders, ages, backgrounds, sexualities, and ethnicities are encouraged to contribute. Previously unpublished writers are welcome to submit, but you’re encouraged to include a writing sample with your pitch.  If […]

Memoirs of a (Female) Juggalo: Q&A with Meli Machiavelli

Are you “Down With The Clown?” This is a question of vital importance in the Juggalo subculture, a term used to described devotees of Insane Clown Posse, the hip hop duo of “Violent J” and “Shaggy 2 Dope” formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1989. The term Juggalo (or Juggalette, as some female fans prefer to be […]

Why I Drink: First-Hand Experiences Dealing With Victim-Blaming and Rape Culture

Trigger warning: This post contains descriptions of sexual abuse and may not be suitable for everyone. Commenting has been disabled on this piece by the author’s request. I will be the first one to admit this openly and freely. At one point in my life, I subscribed to a version of victim-blaming that suited my […]

Life as a Broad Abroad by Amanda Pistor

Before I moved to Australia from Texas last month, I had never really been anywhere. I came to Australia to visit my husband for Christmas, and I’d been to Mexico and Canada, but other than that, the pages of my passport were empty. It’s not that I didn’t want to visit other parts of the […]

“Wanted”: Anatomy of an Amish Romance Novel

My college BFF Andrew lives in Cleveland, about an hour away from Amish country in Ohio. Visiting Mesopotamia in Geauga County is invariably the highlight of my trip because A. the Amish make great cheese and B. I find them utterly fascinating. Bearded middle aged men in suspenders riding vintage Schwinn kick scooters down a […]

Book Excerpt: “Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser” by Clarisse Thorn

I met fellow Chicagoan and sex-positive feminist writer Clarisse Thorn through her wonderful Sex Positive Documentary Film Series, and I was excited to learn about her latest project: “Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser,” a study of pickup artists through the lens of a feminist kinkster. Enjoy this excerpt, then pick up the book on […]

A Letter of Self-Introduction from Your New Sex+ Beauty Editor

Hi, my name is Bianca James, and I’ll be your sex and beauty editor. I also run a blog called School For Scandal, and have cut my teeth writing for a variety of sites and pubs ranging from Time Out Chicago, XOJane and The Huffington Post, to Hustler’s Barely Legal. (Yes really, but always under […]

Bruises, Brass Poles, and High Heels: How Pole Dancing Taught Me to Love Myself

It all began about a year and 3 months ago; I was on the verge of leaving mypartner of three years, hated my job, and was in fairly unstable roommate situation.  You know, normal things for a late 20-something living in Chicago.  I felt the most un-sexy I can remember, and needed desperately to get […]