Dating Is Not Fun Or Interesting And You Should Read All About It

What does it take to be a successful sex blogger? I read a few of the newer sex blogs last night and familiarized myself with traits of a successful sex blogger: must be female, cisgender, blond, thin, and pretty enough to be photographed nude. It also helps to live on one of the coasts and […]

Speed Daters Find Love Among Dead Ends… Sometimes by Sofi Papamarko

Have you ever done this before?” he asks, staring deep into my eyes. “No,” I lie breathlessly. “This is my first time.” It was my fourth, actually. But why should I intimidate others with the knowledge that I am already a veteran at speed dating? Speed dating is a strange but strangely practical beast. Participants […]

Book Excerpt: “Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser” by Clarisse Thorn

I met fellow Chicagoan and sex-positive feminist writer Clarisse Thorn through her wonderful Sex Positive Documentary Film Series, and I was excited to learn about her latest project: “Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser,” a study of pickup artists through the lens of a feminist kinkster. Enjoy this excerpt, then pick up the book on […]