Artist Q&A with Masha Ryskin

Name: Masha Ryskin Age: 40 Location (Birth and current): born in Moscow, Soviet Union, now dividing time between Rochester, NY and Providence, RI What is it that you do, in your own words? I make mixed media works that combine drawing, painting, and printmaking. My work ranges from small wall pieces to larger panels to […]

The Mom Abides

I am not the most laid back person you could ever meet.  In fact, I’m more like a tightly wound rage monkey, and although it is not something I like to shout from rooftops, it is something I will freely admit.  I could chalk it up to lack of sleep and a million other things and pretend […]

From the Front Lines of the Mummy Wars

I’ve been neglecting writing lately, much like I’ve been neglecting most things that do not cry and pull my hair when I am ignoring them.  It seems like just yesterday I was writing about pregnancy’s pains and humiliations, but actually it was 9 months ago.  During those 9 months, I have spent quite a lot […]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying About TSS and Love the Cup

We’re friends now, aren’t we, imaginary reader?  I mean, we can talk openly with each other about the kind of things that you wouldn’t discuss with casual acquaintances, right? Well, really, by “you” I mean YOU because I will tell anybody, anything, anytime.  Which is why I’m about to let you in on some really intimate details of my […]

Can I Get A Friend, Please?

Did you miss me? Have you noticed my absence at all? No?  Ah, well, okay.  I’ve missed you, or at least the idea of you, imaginary reader. Writing for Ms. Behaved was (is) my grown-up, just for me thing, and I have not had a lot (any) of that, lately. This summer has been about […]

Here Comes The Bun (duh-nuh-nuh-nuh)

There comes a point in pregnancy where you are completely sure that every twinge and ache is it, and if it isn’t, it damn well should be, because get the hell out and give me my body back, already! Having been down this road (twice) before, I like to think I’ve got a handle on things […]

But He’s Not Usually Like This…

I am a forum junkie. I am a member of more forums than I can remember to post on, and I go through phases where I will spend lots of time posting on a couple of boards all the time, then move on and forget about them for months or, sometimes, years.  In my current […]

Hotties of the UEFA Euros 2012

Let me climb out onto the honesty branch and tell you that the idea for this piece was born out of sheer laziness.  What could be easier than picking out a bunch of fit, world class athletes and presenting them to you with a few witty remarks?  Well, now that I’m sat here in front […]

Kick Ashy Knees To The Curb

You may not know this, but ashy knees are SRS BSNS!  They are annoying as hell and will ruin all your summer photographs, not to mention your beach swagger.  It’s only been properly warm here in the UK for about a week, so mine are currently in their preamble state. No one else will really notice, […]

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

It’s come to my attention that Americans might just be wondering what the heck is all this jubilee stuff they’ve been hearing about. I know I was! The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is the yearlong celebration of the 60th anniversary of The Queen’s accession to the throne.  It’s the Queen’s 60th anniversary of being the queen.  Quite an […]

Eurovision 2012: The Afterglow

I’m guessing you missed my experiment in live tweeting (it’s okay, everyone did!), as it took place during what was probably a lovely Saturday afternoon for most of our readers.  Not to worry!  I’m more than happy to bring you a condensed version of the high (and low!) lights of the evening’s entertainment.  So join me […]

Are You Ready For Some [UEFA Euro] Football?!

Let’s talk football!  Actual football, not that handegg stuff you Americans like to pass off as football. (I kid! Sort of.)  It’s a big year, as the Euros are taking place.  This is going to be the last time only 16 teams compete.  From 2016 on, it will be 24 teams in the finals.  More […]

Looking For a Good Time? Don’t Miss Eurovision!

Do you love cheesy song competition programs? Over the top costumes and stage shows? What about pyrotechnics? International rivalries? Maybe opera is your thing. Or Norwegian death metal. Or good old fashioned pop music. You’re going to get all of this and more during Eurovision. A quick look on Google shows that Eurovision drinking games have popped […]

Confessions of an (Almost) Attachment Parent

I’m going to start this off by saying the only book by Dr. William Sears that I’ve ever read was The Baby Book.  I’ve never really thought about Attachment Parenting before, or any other “type” of parenting, for that matter. I’m just not all that big on labels, or boxes… or anything that smacks of effort […]

10 Reasons Mom Deserves More Than One Day

She might not remember where she put her car keys or how to check her voicemail, but she remembers the exact time you were born, how much you weighed, when you got your first tooth and what your first lovey was called.  No one will ever know you like she does. From just a couple […]

Boob Watching

So, I was busying myself reading celebrity gossip websites, (because that is the sort of dreg that I enjoy assaulting my brain with), when I came across this.  Now, I’m not trying to call anyone out.  I generally enjoy Celebitchy and they are certainly not the only place doing this sort of thing.  Posts like that […]

Day of the Dawn of the Mommy-Zombies

Despite what seems to be the overwhelming consensus on the Internet, I do not expect the arrival of my new baby to implode my marriage.  “How do you intend to salvage your wreck ofa relationship once you are the proud owner of yet another mewling spawn,” you ask?  I don’t.  There is going to be […]

You Better Work!

The past five days have not been kind to me.  It started off slowly, with feeling run down and not sleeping properly and steadily built up with a day of being a human pin cushion, then crested this weekend when I woke up Saturday morning to a four year old throwing up all over me […]

Spring Cleaning OR How the Hell am I Going to Fit Another Human in This Flat?!

It’s that time of year when everyone starts opening their windows and dragging bags and boxes of junk out of their homes in an attempt to clean, organize and usher in a new, airier season.  I love the idea of spring cleaning, but in practice?  I’m pretty useless.  An informal poll of people who know […]

On the Fringes of Fandom

A few days ago, I found out that Pottermore had opened up to everyone.  So I signed up, and spent the next two days blasting through the first book’s worth of content, because I am a mature woman.  I love Harry Potter, and an endless list of other books/movies/TV shows that have huge internet fandoms.  As a […]