2013 Fatkini Review

Ok, so this post is kind of overdue, but I haven’t been able to get to the beach much this year living in Indiana. But I plan to enjoy Hollywood Beach every chance I get on my upcoming 2 week trip to Chicago!


Test driving H&M’s fatkini last year

I’ve been wearing bikinis while fat for about eight years now, and it’s exciting that plus size retailers are finally catching up and making plus size two piece suits. Plus size fashion blogger Gabi Gregg inspired a lot of women when she blogged about her “fatkini” last year. So it was kind of exciting when word got out that she was putting out a swimsuit line with Swimsuits for All.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t super inspired by the collection. Yeah, the legendary Galaxy bikini was cool, but it just wasn’t something I’d wear (I’m not sure if I’m legitimately into galaxy print or if the trend is really just super pervasive right now). The other offerings included a one-piece and a neon yellow and pink halter-top bikini which was basically something the company already offered, just in different colors. I was torn- I wasn’t really that amazed by the collection at the $68 price point, but I also felt like I should get one to review, if nothing else. Oh, the terrible sacrifices I make as a fatshion blogger.

I opted for the neon pink suit because I figured it would be the most flattering look for me. This turned out to be a wise choice, as the company quickly sold out of the Galaxy bikini and didn’t fulfill a bunch of the orders or refund money, leaving Gabi to clean up their mess.

I ordered a size 20 because I’m big busted and wanted as much coverage as possible. This turned out to be pointless:


Um, no.


the top AFTER altering it.

The bikini top is not structurally sound for a large-busted woman. I know not all plus size women are as busty as I am, but I’m hardly an outlier.

I would like, for once, to order something in my size that actually fit my bust properly without me having to cut it up or alter it. Or maybe companies could consider offering the tops according to bra size instead of dress size? It was also impossible to buy this set as separates, which means the bottoms are a bit baggy on me.


High-waisted bottoms

I knew the halter neck was not going to work well for me, but that was an easy enough fix by draping the straps over my shoulders and tying them to the band in the back. The fact that my boobs were spilling out was not okay, however. I considered returning the set, but was able to make the top a bit more stable by tacking the strap, which was fairly wide, along the top edge of the bust with some hand stitching. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t know how to sew- return it, I guess.

I am not crazy about the bottoms either. Maybe I should have ordered an 18, but they’re unsupportive and bulky. It’s cool that they can be worn as high waisted or low waisted but they’re just kind of baggy.

In hindsight though, I sort of regret buying into the hype. This bikini is okay, but it’s not great. I’m apparently not the only one who felt this way either- this bikini is rated 2.6/5 on the website, with most buyers reporting “poor fit,” having the same problems with it being too big that I had.

A pink neon bikini is cute and maybe unconventional for plus size fashion, but I wish the other pieces in the collection were as inspiring/stable looking as the Galaxy bikini. I still have total respect for Gabi and her style, but I do think this project could have come together better, and now that I’ve had this set a while I wish in hindsight that I’d returned it. There’s a scarcity mental with fatshion sometimes, like sometimes you feel pressured to settle for less because it is so hard to find something both cute and affordable.


Shortly after buying the GabiFresh bikini, I came across the fatkinis on ASOS Curve which are cheaper and cuter in my opinion, which fueled some of this buyer’s remorse. I debated about whether I could justify dropping $50+ (still cheaper than Swimsuitsforall) on another fatkini. I held out for a while but finally gave in and sprung for the Aztec Blanket Print fatkini in size 20. And I’m really glad I did.

This suit is lighter weight, less expensive, more supportive, more flattering, and I love the colorful print. The bra-style top is still kind of a snug fit, but the bra-style cut is SO MUCH BETTER. I know it’s a bit late in the season for swimsuit shopping, but you can always get one to wear next summer.

In conclusion- the GabiFresh fatkini was a big letdown, while the ASOS curve one was a happy surprise. I’m pretty much in love with all of their clothes.

Lovely readers- what are you wearing this summer? Post in the comments!



  1. I have a Curvy Kate Pebble bikini that I LOVE. It’s sold as separates; the top is bra-sized and fits basically like a molded-cup underwire bra and goes up to 40K, and the bottoms go up to UK 20. It’s not the super high waisted style. And it is blue polka-dots 🙂

    • Ooh! (I ❤ CK.) Can you comment on whether the bottoms run large or small? If I'm understanding conversions correctly, UK 20 is only about a US 16/18, which is not a size my butt can conventionally do.

      • I run around a US 16 and have the bottoms in a UK 20; they’re a little big on me. I find their sizing to be more generous than I expected, but it’s hard to say since I’m not familiar with UK sizing.

      • Thanks!
        Hrm. It sounds like they’ll probably be too small for me.
        At the very least, I should not get any until: 1) I’ve nailed down my Curvy Kate bra size; 2) after summer when they will be on sale.

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