Western Artists Should Maybe Just Give Up On Writing Songs About Japan

Hello friends. I just turned in my last grad school project and am officially DONE WITH SCHOOL! Which means I actually have time to blog about random stuff! Even before the Avril Lavigne “Hello Kitty” monstrosity made the news (I’ve included it for reference but it’s legitimately awful) I’ve been thinking about how much I […]

Twenty Years Later: How Have My Teen Idols Aged?

A lot of people don’t believe me when I say I didn’t have internet until college. I was born in 1980, and raised by a single mother who didn’t have time or money for Prodigy or AOL or whatever nonsense people used in 1993. Another thing is like most goth chicks, all of my teen […]

Author Interview: Black Tape for a Blue Girl’s Sam Rosenthal on “Rye: an erotic novel”

Last week we posted an excerpt from genderqueer erotica novel “Rye.” Here is the follow-up interview with author Sam Rosenthal. Name: Sam Rosenthal Age: Older than most people guess. Location: Brooklyn, NY Who are you, and what do you do, in your own words? I’m this guy, who has a son, and runs a record label, […]

Genderqueer Erotica Excerpt: Sam Rosenthal’s “Rye”

I was excited to learn about Black Tape for a Blue Girl Lyricist’s erotic novel “Rye.” Not only because I am a fan of his awesome ambient music, which you can check out here, but also because the book honestly approaches topics such as genderqueer identities, kink and polyamory which are seldom realistically explored in […]

Five Awesome New Wave Bands from the 80s You Might Have Missed

New Wave, New Romantic, Post-Punk and Old School Goth were my favorite musical genres of music as a teenager, which I fervently collected on vinyl (It was the nineties and LPs were ridiculously cheap as CDs came into favor. My record collection is worth a fortune now.) I hosted a new-wave themed radio program in undergrad […]

R Kelly’s “Real Talk” is the new Rickroll

Did you know (or even care) that R. Kelly’s new album “Write Me Back” drops today? And that he’s got 32 more chapters of his R&B opera “Trapped in the Closet” planned that involve an alien, because 22 just wasn’t enough? My personal relationship with the career of R. Kelly rivals my complicated love-hate feelings […]

Evolution of the Female Gaze: Jenna Marbles wants you to Bounce That Dick

I was initially suspicious of comedienne Jenna Marbles. On the surface, she’s the stereotypical spray-tanned, gym-toned California blonde with a pair of tiny purse dogs in tow. But the scratch the surface, and you have a lady who is seriously smart, crass, AND funny, which are three of the big heteronormative no-nos for women: Go […]

Friday Morning Mix Tape: Summertime Rolls

Do you have summer fever yet? I do. I’m stuck at my desk, craving sleeping in, pancakes, and the beach. I made you a mix tape about it. It’s a little bit lazy, a little bit sunny, and a little bit sad, because summer is always a little bit sad (in its beautiful, glorious ephemera.) […]

Internet, BC: Memoir of a Music Fan’s Pre-Digital Adolescence

I remember the first time I saw a picture of Joy Division. It’s difficult to imagine, in this Age of Internet, what it would be like not to know what the members of your favorite band looked like — but once upon a time, it was a very real possibility. It was 1996. I was 16 years […]

No One Can Tell Us We’re Wrong: The Perfection of Pat Benatar Summed Up in in 5 Minutes and 18 Seconds by Allan Mott

A group of women; exploited and abused. Forced to monetize their sexuality in order to survive the unforgiving realities of harsh urban life. Among them stands a tiny brunette runaway. Her time in the hall has aged her—she seems like she’s 30, not a teenager forced out into the real world by her intractable father (for reasons […]

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: Friday Mixtape for 6/1

This isn’t a mix to get you through your work day. It’s a mix to get you through your Friday night. But you can listen to at work anyway. WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT: MSBEHAVED.COM FRIDAY MIXTAPE FOR 6/1!!! Think: basement cabarets, murder, substance abuse, insanity, mystery, troubled strangers, dangerous dames, pianos, heartbreak, betrayal, nostalgia and saxophones. […]

Eurovision 2012: The Afterglow

I’m guessing you missed my experiment in live tweeting (it’s okay, everyone did!), as it took place during what was probably a lovely Saturday afternoon for most of our readers.  Not to worry!  I’m more than happy to bring you a condensed version of the high (and low!) lights of the evening’s entertainment.  So join me […]

TGIF: Friday Morning Mix Tape

Hello my lovers, I am not really awake this morning. Or caught up on anything. But that’s ok, because I made some FRIDAY JAMZ for you! (To enjoy with your Simian breakfast mimosa!) MONKEY BIDNESS: MSBEHAVED.COM FRIDAY MIXTAPE FOR 5/28!!! It’s got Dum Dum Girls, Vampire Weekend, Raphael Saadiq, The Kills, and a couple BeeGees […]

Looking For a Good Time? Don’t Miss Eurovision!

Do you love cheesy song competition programs? Over the top costumes and stage shows? What about pyrotechnics? International rivalries? Maybe opera is your thing. Or Norwegian death metal. Or good old fashioned pop music. You’re going to get all of this and more during Eurovision. A quick look on Google shows that Eurovision drinking games have popped […]

I Made You a Mix Tape!

TGIF, lovers.  Last night I decided I needed some special jams to get me through the final day of my work week. So I made this mix tape and would love to share it with you: MSBEHAVED DOT COM FRIDAY PARTY MIX TAPE!!! It has Jay-Z, Hot Chip, Robyn, CSS, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Hunx […]

Black Ass Sabbath: Punk, Metal and Racial Politics

One of my earliest memories is lying in bed with my sister with the TV on, no older than 5 or 6, and watching Def Leppard and Poison videos on MTV.  As little Black girls in the south, we didn’t have much exposure to rock music, and I remember being mesmerized by the big blond […]

Memoirs of a (Female) Juggalo: Q&A with Meli Machiavelli

Are you “Down With The Clown?” This is a question of vital importance in the Juggalo subculture, a term used to described devotees of Insane Clown Posse, the hip hop duo of “Violent J” and “Shaggy 2 Dope” formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1989. The term Juggalo (or Juggalette, as some female fans prefer to be […]

The Crystals, Carole King, and the Golden Age of Abuse Pop

This post originally appeared at School for Scandal blog. 1960s Girl Group music was basically dominated by songs about falling for emotionally unavailable, criminal, and possibly abusive men, and people dying. (I blame creepy Phil Spector’s involvement, at least partially.) Which is of course, part of why I enjoy this music, even though it makes […]

Q & A with Yijun Liao

Yijun  Liao (Pixy) is a conceptual photographer and artist residing in Brooklyn.  Much of her work is autobiographical and comments on traditional relationship roles with insight and humor. A friend introduced me to Pixy’s work about a year ago, sending me the genius photograph above. So, when I came across her again on Kick-Starter and […]

The Best Wilson Phillips Spoof You Ever See

According to the creator William: I was eating there with my girlfriends and they were telling me how [they support anti-gay organizations]. I was like, “Oh that sucks about the gay thing.” And then, I got diarrhea from it, so I was like, “F— this, I’m gonna write a song.” The fact that they come after […]