Greetings from new Associate Editor Rashaun Ellis!

rashaun-indatubI am SO ready for this.

I’ve been writing for this blog since May of last year, and I was so happy when Bianca approached me about being an associate editor for  Six months before that I’d been floundering around my wonderful hipster town of Athens, GA, tits-deep in a boozy whirlwind.  I think a Lynyrd Skynyrd reference might better put it into perspective: you could probably float a battleship in all the bourbon I drank last summer.

Once I put the cork back in the jug and shook off my writer’s block, Bianca came to me with some marvelous ideas for this blog, and apparently having ME on the editorial team was one of them!  Goodness gracious!  I’ve been writing since I was a kid and writing professionally since the age of 18, and I’ve also managed publications and writing staffs before, so I probably shouldn’t admit that while I’m incredibly excited and enthusiastic about taking on this position, it is slightly daunting due to who and how many people we’ll be able to reach through this blog.  For the longest time, it was always just me spouting feminisms and queerisms and people-of-colorisms at a sea of “norms,” but now I’m writing for a publication that is directed at people who share those interests with me.  A journalist’s obligation to be rational and responsible is always at the top of the list, and I’m thrilled to have a likeminded readership that will support me in my values just as I intend to support them.  It’s also great to have a brainy lady like Bianca in my corner to assist me with that and keep me on the right path with the message I want to send to the world.  She truly understands that we have a responsibility to present good articles to our readership that entertain them, inspire them, and make them feel good about themselves, their bodies, their sexuality, and their gender expression or lack thereof.

I’m also super excited to be working with Shannon.  I can see from her past contributions to the site that her interests are wide and wonderful, and she can be defined beyond the fact that she’s a mother, but I find her mommyhood to be absolutely fascinating!  More and more lately I seem to be surrounded by people with kids, and as a single-and-no-babies type myself I used to always enjoy being flippant about the rigors of parenting when I was younger.  I’ve found lately though that I really enjoy peeking into the lives of the awesome people who are raising our future, and I look really forward to reading her stuff.

I bought a new laptop when I found out Bianca wanted me for this – that’s how ready I am.  I’m gonna miss my old computer so much that I’ll probably write about it at some point, but this is a new era for this site and also for myself (without getting too mushy).  It’s been a long time since I wrote so much that I could justify buying new equipment for it, but I’ve got a lot of enthusiasm and plenty that I can’t wait to share with all of you.  I recently had my first significant weight loss in my entire life, and as a fat positive fat person you better believe it’s sent my head into a tailspin – and don’t worry, you’ll hear all about it.  Other recent changes include romance shit, exercise shit, and work shit, and I know that the readers of will be able to share in both my joys and miseries, and vice versa.

Read more from Rashaun here!



  1. shannonhumphreys says:

    I am super interested (NOSEY)to hear about this romance shit! I mean, I’m interested in all of it, but I’m a sucker for a love story.

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