Fembot Flair: Rashaun Reviews Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch Vibrator

Awesome vibrator company Jimmyjane recently sent me a few things for our bloggers to test, and I immediately knew the Hello Touch would be my co-editor Rashaun’s jam when it came in the mail. “Do you want to test this robot pussy toy?” I asked her, for lack of a more elegant descriptor. Rashaun’s answer […]

Dating Is Not Fun Or Interesting And You Should Read All About It

What does it take to be a successful sex blogger? I read a few of the newer sex blogs last night and familiarized myself with traits of a successful sex blogger: must be female, cisgender, blond, thin, and pretty enough to be photographed nude. It also helps to live on one of the coasts and […]

What Happens When the Woman Wants It More? by Anonymous

The morning before my wedding, my mom passed down some advice (given to her by her mother-in-law) on how to keep things hot with my husband-to-be. “Be sure to wear an apron while you are cooking dinner.  Just an apron, nothing else.”  My own mother reinforced what every romantic comedy had already taught me– all […]

Dear Ms. Behaved : Jonna Answers It For You

Dear Ms Behaved, I am writing to you out of concern for my younger sister. She is still in high school and has always been a bigger girl. Recently I came home for a visit from college and was shocked by how much weight she has put on. She is now bordering on obesity. I […]

Book Excerpt: “Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser” by Clarisse Thorn

I met fellow Chicagoan and sex-positive feminist writer Clarisse Thorn through her wonderful Sex Positive Documentary Film Series, and I was excited to learn about her latest project: “Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser,” a study of pickup artists through the lens of a feminist kinkster. Enjoy this excerpt, then pick up the book on […]

A Letter of Self-Introduction from Your New Sex+ Beauty Editor

Hi, my name is Bianca James, and I’ll be your sex and beauty editor. I also run a blog called School For Scandal, and have cut my teeth writing for a variety of sites and pubs ranging from Time Out Chicago, XOJane and The Huffington Post, to Hustler’s Barely Legal. (Yes really, but always under […]

MsBehaved+School For Scandal= Lelo “Flickering Touch” Massage Candle Giveaway

My name is Bianca James, high femme genderfluid supafreak, and editor of School for Scandal blog. You may remember my memoirs of being locked in a Japanese love hotel, and my rant about ill fitting bras. Today, I am very excited to announce that I am joining MsBehaved as the Sex and Beauty editor. Need […]

When Being Inappropriate is Entirely Appropriate

I have never written for a blog or magazine, but when I was asked to write for this blog I had trouble figuring out what I wanted to write about. My first choice was to describe what living a life of the underprivileged (uneducated, ex-con, living in poverty, addicted to various opiates) was like.  But […]