Ms. Behaved Style Icon – Lydia Brambila

Name: Lydia Brambila Age: 20 Location: Athens, GA What you “do” in your own words: I go to school, play in bands, work at a library, raise a cat, and sleep like the dead. What is your style philosophy in a nutshell? I like for my everyday wear to both be super comfy and also […]

MsBehaved Style Icon: Catina

Name: Catina Ponticello Age: 26 Location: Chicago, IL What do you do, in your own words, and how long have you been doing it? Collecting as many “hats” as possible since I can remember! There as never been one thing in particular I have wanted to do. As long as what I do allows me […]

Work It! Femmily: Youth Worker, Consent Activist, Fashionista!

I first met Femmily at Clarisse Thorn’s SEX+++  documentary series, and again at Slut Walk Chicago last summer. She is a truly inspiring human being who works with at-risk youth as a full time career, is an activist promoting consent education as a means of ending rape, and still has time to throw body-positive dance parties, […]