In Praise of Leggings as Pants

My body has a weird thing where it cycles up and down about 20-30 pounds every few years. Before you start with the OMG YOYO DIETING IS SO UNHEALTHY, let me reassure you that I don’t diet, and can only attribute these fluctuates to random stuff like geographical location (no, really), relationship status (really, really), […]

Work It! Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coach Golda Poretsky

Work It! is an interview series on MsBehaved featuring fascinating folks who work outside the traditional 9-5, to amuse, inspire, and light a fire under your butt to start pursuing the career of your dreams. As a fat Public Health student, I am proud to feature intuitive eating and body image coach Golda Poretsky, HHC […]

Drama Driven Profit and Other Sad Realities of the Feminist Blogosphere

My gentleman friend recently sent me this article from Salon about creepy depictions of rape in video games, that also touched on the kerfuffle around Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency (her videos are a must-watch if you haven’t seen them yet) and her Kickstarter to fund a series of videos entitled “Tropes vs. Women in Video […]

Health at Every Size: Reclaiming Fitness by Caitlin

This post originally appeared at Caitlin’s awesome blog “Fit and Feminist.” I will be running Part Two of the Joys of Fathleticism tomorrow, in which I’ll be giving you a number of reasons to work out that aren’t focused on losing weight. But I thought this essay was a lovely meditation on this sentiment as […]

The Joys of Fathleticism, Part One: Why We Don’t Work Out

First off, I want to preface this article by saying I am neither a doctor nor a fitness expert. I will not be writing about how to exercise for weight loss, nor will I tell you how  you “should” be exercising, as there are plenty of articles on that topic already (not to mention that […]

Health at Every Size and the Important Difference Between Thin and Healthy

I started out intending to write an article about Fathleticism (a term I coined to  describe my love of exercise as a fat person), but I got side tracked by writing about Health At Every Size, and the importance of healthy lifestyle for all people . So think of this as an introductory piece for the […]