Shopping In The Men’s Department (Or, Tits In An Oxford Shirt)

My latest job venture is literally a 5-minute walk from my house.  This fact, in and of its self, is pretty unbelievable.  Going to work without using public transit or my car? Sign me up! I’m a bartender by trade, and thus have had to wear some pretty horrendous uniforms, including a bowling shirt and […]

Bruises, Brass Poles, and High Heels: How Pole Dancing Taught Me to Love Myself

It all began about a year and 3 months ago; I was on the verge of leaving mypartner of three years, hated my job, and was in fairly unstable roommate situation.  You know, normal things for a late 20-something living in Chicago.  I felt the most un-sexy I can remember, and needed desperately to get […]