Genderqueer Erotica Excerpt: Sam Rosenthal’s “Rye”

I was excited to learn about Black Tape for a Blue Girl Lyricist’s erotic novel “Rye.” Not only because I am a fan of his awesome ambient music, which you can check out here, but also because the book honestly approaches topics such as genderqueer identities, kink and polyamory which are seldom realistically explored in […]

Book Excerpt: Girlfag: A Life Told in Sex and Musicals by Janet Hardy

In 2005, I came out (publicly, I’d been out to myself for years) as a Girl Fag. What the heck is a Girl Fag you ask? It’s not easy to define, but in a nutshell it’s a mostly female-aligned person who is attracted to men but feels more in step with gay male sexuality than […]

Preview: Excerpt from Susie and Aretha Bright’s “Mother/Daughter Sex Advice” Excerpt (NSFW)

Dearest readers: tomorrow we are proud to present an interview with legendary sexpert Susie Bright and her 21 year old daughter Aretha Bright, authors of  “Mother/Daughter Sex Advice,” a collection of sex advice columns they wrote for Jezebel with an intergenerational perspective that is both hilarious and insightful. Topics covered range from “I’m 27 Years […]

Preview: Excerpt from The S&M Feminist: Best Of Clarisse Thorn

This piece was originally published at Off Our Chests by Clarisse Thorn. Clarisse is a feminist sex educator who has lectured at museums and universities across the USA. She just released a brand-new collection, The S&M Feminist: Best Of Clarisse Thorn, and this piece is reprinted in that collection. Ms. Behaved will be running a full-length Work It! interview […]

Betty’s (Little Basement) Garden: Loss, Love, Middle Age & Marijuana

Laurel Dewey is best known her gritty crime thriller series featuring Denver homicide detective Jane Perry (Protector, Redemption,and Revelations).  Her latest book, Betty’s (Little Basement) Garden, is a romantic, humorous novel about a conservative widow’s radical awakening… and medicinal marijuana. Dewey, who has also written two non-fiction books about plant-based medicine, was inspired to tackle the controversial topic […]

Get Your FREE Download of Will Love For Crumbs This Saturday & Sunday. Happy Mother’s Day!

Memoir synopsis: Raised by an alcoholic mother and without a father, Jonna learned at a young age to put her needs on the back-burner. After her mother dies of cancer, she goes on a spiritual journey looking for enlightenment and a purpose for her life. Eventually, she ends up as a volunteer in the relief […]

Book Excerpt: “Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser” by Clarisse Thorn

I met fellow Chicagoan and sex-positive feminist writer Clarisse Thorn through her wonderful Sex Positive Documentary Film Series, and I was excited to learn about her latest project: “Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser,” a study of pickup artists through the lens of a feminist kinkster. Enjoy this excerpt, then pick up the book on […]