In Praise of Leggings as Pants

My body has a weird thing where it cycles up and down about 20-30 pounds every few years. Before you start with the OMG YOYO DIETING IS SO UNHEALTHY, let me reassure you that I don’t diet, and can only attribute these fluctuates to random stuff like geographical location (no, really), relationship status (really, really), […]

My Complicated Relationship with Paleo

Almost a year ago I experimented with eating Paleo for the first time. For the unfamiliar, Paleo is a style of eating where you avoid all processed foods, with the idea that you’re eating a pre-agricultural diet that is better suited to the human body. The Paleo diet (I don’t consider it a diet in […]

Dear MsBehaved: Jonna Ivin Answers It For You

Dear Ms Behaved, I hate my life! I feel fat and ugly. I can’t stand my job. Every day is the same. I get up, go to work, come home and watch television until it’s time to go to bed. The next day I get up and do the exact same thing. I’ve tried dieting, […]

Enemy Number 1: Cartoon Princesses (They’re Why I’m Bad at Math)

The Second City Network and Danielle Uhlarik  put out this hilarious series of videos a while back.  (And they’re still funny!)  I saw “Advice For Young Girls From Belle” on Jezebel and Huffington Post, but I don’t know that the others got as much coverage.   The Sassy Gay Friend videos stole all the glory, which I don’t understand. […]

Dear Ms. Behaved : Jonna Answers It For You

Dear Ms Behaved, I am writing to you out of concern for my younger sister. She is still in high school and has always been a bigger girl. Recently I came home for a visit from college and was shocked by how much weight she has put on. She is now bordering on obesity. I […]

The Booty-Mind Connection: How to Get the Body You Want with Yoga by Shoshanna Cohen

Yes, yoga will help you get the body you want. It’s fun and it’s fast! Here’s how. First, find a class you like. DVDs and gym yoga classes are good, but if you can afford it, treat yourself to classes at a nice yoga studio that burns incense and plays music and stuff. When you […]

A Letter of Self-Introduction from Your New Sex+ Beauty Editor

Hi, my name is Bianca James, and I’ll be your sex and beauty editor. I also run a blog called School For Scandal, and have cut my teeth writing for a variety of sites and pubs ranging from Time Out Chicago, XOJane and The Huffington Post, to Hustler’s Barely Legal. (Yes really, but always under […]

Bruises, Brass Poles, and High Heels: How Pole Dancing Taught Me to Love Myself

It all began about a year and 3 months ago; I was on the verge of leaving mypartner of three years, hated my job, and was in fairly unstable roommate situation.  You know, normal things for a late 20-something living in Chicago.  I felt the most un-sexy I can remember, and needed desperately to get […]