Let’s Talk About Snacks, Baby!

Rashaun always posts on Facebook about Graze, this snack box subscription she has where they send her a snack box, every week, for $5 a box, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Of course, Graze is like the Studio 54 of snack boxes and you need an invite code to enroll, and Rashaun is […]

Author Interview: Black Tape for a Blue Girl’s Sam Rosenthal on “Rye: an erotic novel”

Last week we posted an excerpt from genderqueer erotica novel “Rye.” Here is the follow-up interview with author Sam Rosenthal. Name: Sam Rosenthal Age: Older than most people guess. Location: Brooklyn, NY Who are you, and what do you do, in your own words? I’m this guy, who has a son, and runs a record label, […]

Video Sex Toy Review: Jopen’s “Intensity” Electro-vibrator

Meet the $250 Jopen Intensity vibrator: it’s silicone! It’s inflatable! It has a vibrating alien arm! It has muthafuckin’ kegel-inducing ELECTRODES!  It is the vibrator of the future! Unfortunately, the future of vibrator technology kind of sucks. Watch the video review for more information:

How I Learned to Stop Worrying About TSS and Love the Cup

We’re friends now, aren’t we, imaginary reader?  I mean, we can talk openly with each other about the kind of things that you wouldn’t discuss with casual acquaintances, right? Well, really, by “you” I mean YOU because I will tell anybody, anything, anytime.  Which is why I’m about to let you in on some really intimate details of my […]

Five Ways to put Essential Oils to Work Around the House

Herbal essential oils do more than makes your house smell good. Nearly all have potent antimicrobial properties and have been shown to reduce depression, focus the mind and even stimulate the immune system. Lemon and pine have long been used in commercial cleaners, but many other oils are just as effective. Eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, […]

Beyond Harry & David: Birthday Gift Subscriptions for 9% of the [US] Population

There are more American birthdays in August than in any other month, and shopping for some of these birthday boys and girls is a total pain.  Monthly subscription services to the rescue! I am not talking about your meemaw’s  fruit-of-the-month club, there are some fantastic finds.  This list is by no means an all-inclusive, but […]

Getting a Few Things Off My Chest

I have debated whether or not to respond to the ongoing kerfuffle about the snarky essay I wrote about bra fitting and vanity sizing and as a dishonest sales tactic back in April.  The piece ran months ago, with generally positive feedback and thought provoking discussion in the comments. That is, until some people in the […]

Work It! Searah Deysach: Feminist Sex Shop Owner, Proponent of Honest Sex Ed & Orgasms For All

Work It! is an interview series on MsBehaved featuring fascinating folks who work outside the traditional 9-5, to amuse, inspire, and light a fire under your butt to start pursuing the career of your dreams. Name:  Searah Deysach Age:  39 Location:  Chicago, IL What do you do, in your own words, and how long have you been doing […]

Ms. Behaved June Giveaway: Cake Beauty Travel Set!

Congrats again to Kara W. for winning our May Lelo Flickering Touch Candle Giveaway! Don’t despair if you didn’t win last time, because we’re now giving away something fun and yummy for your summer vacation: a Plane Friendly Kit from Canada’s Cake Beauty (retail value: $27.99)! If you love dessert AND fancy beauty products, this is a dream […]

Kinky Fashion Report: IML Weekend Chicago, 2012 (NSFW)

Hello Darlings, Hope you all had a wonderful three day weekend! Memorial Day weekend is a very special thing in Chicago, because we host the INTERNATIONAL MR. LEATHER pageant (aka IML), which is SRS BIZNIS!!! What is International Mr. Leather, you ask? It’s an annual competition where (mostly) gay leathermen compete for the title of […]

Q & A With Artist Helena Wurzel

Meet narrative figure painter and Rhode Island School of Design teacher Helena Wurzel. Helena utilizes color, shape and the emotional responses evoked by these elements to tell a story with each piece. Tell me about your background. How did you come to be an artist? I have always been an artist. There is a home […]

Q & A With Artist Carrie Marill

Meet Phoenix-based artist Carrie Marill.  I came across her work during one of many online art browsing sessions on 20 x 200.  If you aren’t familiar with 20 x 200, get clicking.  They make art collecting accessible and affordable and in turn supports artists making a living by creating. Tell me about background. How did […]

Love Letter from the Fatshion Trenches: Root Chakra Realness at Forever 21

Dear my Fatties and Fashion Lovers, Did you know that Forever 21 has a plus size line called “Faith 21?” Not all of their stores carry the line, but the one near my day job does, and it’s freaking awesome. (I encourage you to go into your local Forever 21 and  tell them to start […]

Awesome rechargeable vibrators that fit in your pocket! (Video)

I admit it, I have a sex toy problem. Well, it’s not a problem. I just own a lot of them, and write reviews of them on School For Scandal, and regularly incorporate them into my solo and partnered sexytimes. I’m your sex editor, so I’m allowed to talk about this stuff, yeah? I know […]

Manicure Upgrade: 5 Fun Nail Polish Adhesives

According to CNN, nail art is the new lipstick. There are DIY tutorials and blogs on the subject out the nose:  nailside, wahnails, uneedamanicure, nail-nerd,  holymanicures and on and on. It’s a fun trend, but one I don’t actively participate in. When I attempt to paint my own nails, I lose patience quickly.  My hands […]