Ms. Behaved Style Icon: Amanda Lee

Name: Amanda Lee Age: 32 Location: Chicago What do you do, in your own words, and how long have you been doing it? My day job is doing graphic design and administrative items at a PR firm. I’m an artist, working mostly in digital collage and I run the queer plus size fashion blog In The […]

Battle of the Beastie Yeasties Part 2: Getting Hardcore about Candida!

This article is a response to Sarah’s recent article “Battle of the Beastie Yeasties,” in which she requests how others manage vaginal yeast overgrowth. I’m a certified nutrition consultant, and I specialize in yeast and bacterial overgrowth. I got into this profession in response to my own battle with the nasty buggers and I’ve experimented with nearly […]

Battle of The Beastie Yeasties: I Fought Candida and Won

I have only had to deal with the nastiness of a yeast infection once due to a heavy duty course of antibiotics.  There are lots of other causes, though—synthetic fabrics that don’t breathe well (I’m looking at you, pantyhose), dyes and perfumes in detergents and bath products, irritations caused by condoms and lubricates, too much […]

Kick Ashy Knees To The Curb

You may not know this, but ashy knees are SRS BSNS!  They are annoying as hell and will ruin all your summer photographs, not to mention your beach swagger.  It’s only been properly warm here in the UK for about a week, so mine are currently in their preamble state. No one else will really notice, […]

Weekend Project: Make Your Own Almond Milk

If you’re vegan, health conscious, or have a milk-related allergy (for me it’s whey instead of lactose, I’m weird like that) you probably drink a fair amount of soy, almond, coconut, or other type of non-cow milk. At roughly $2-$6 per carton, buying non-dairy milk can be a pricy habit, especially if you’re like me […]