Congrats to the Winner of the Cake Beauty Giveaway!

Congratulations to Alicia Elliot, winner of Ms. Behaved’s Cake Beauty travel set giveaway, featuring two kinds of yummy cake scented shower gel, two kinds of body lotion, and hand cream! Want some luscious cake scented products of your own? Pop over to Cake Beauty! Enjoy your goodies, Alicia! And don’t despair if you didn’t win […]

Ms. Behaved June Giveaway: Cake Beauty Travel Set!

Congrats again to Kara W. for winning our May Lelo Flickering Touch Candle Giveaway! Don’t despair if you didn’t win last time, because we’re now giving away something fun and yummy for your summer vacation: a Plane Friendly Kit from Canada’s Cake Beauty (retail value: $27.99)! If you love dessert AND fancy beauty products, this is a dream […]

Love Letter from the Fatshion Trenches: Summertime Rolls

Hello my sun worshippers and heliophobes, Is it officially summer yet? (Fuck it, it’s June at any rate!) Let’s talk SUMMER FATSHION today! VAMPY SUNDRESSES First off, fuck pastels. Wear a little black dress as a goth sundress, some high heeled sandals, sunglasses and blingy jewelry and pretend you are a mafia princess (that was […]

Weekend Project: Disco Ball Eyelids!

Back in my misspent youth, I was very into Glam Rock. I had a college radio show called “All Things In Excess” (you can see old playlists here, check out my “David Bowie Ate My Balls” page as well for a blast of 1999 internet nostalgia) and spent a lot of time at a monthly […]

Manicure Upgrade: 5 Fun Nail Polish Adhesives

According to CNN, nail art is the new lipstick. There are DIY tutorials and blogs on the subject out the nose:  nailside, wahnails, uneedamanicure, nail-nerd,  holymanicures and on and on. It’s a fun trend, but one I don’t actively participate in. When I attempt to paint my own nails, I lose patience quickly.  My hands […]

Ms. Behaved Style Icon: Rashaun Ellis

Name: Rashaun Ellis Age: 30 Location: Athens, GA What you “do” in your own words: I write. What is your style philosophy in a nutshell? Personally, I think my style philosophy is totally boring and cliche, but it works for a lot of people. I say wear what makes you feel good and sexy, because when […]

A Letter of Self-Introduction from Your New Sex+ Beauty Editor

Hi, my name is Bianca James, and I’ll be your sex and beauty editor. I also run a blog called School For Scandal, and have cut my teeth writing for a variety of sites and pubs ranging from Time Out Chicago, XOJane and The Huffington Post, to Hustler’s Barely Legal. (Yes really, but always under […]