5 Ways to Enjoy a Baggage Free Valentines Day

This piece is from 2013 but I think some of you may enjoy it in 2014! People get so bent out of shape about Valentine’s Day. I think the problem is we get so hung up on the idea that it’s about having a romantic love interest and corporate bullshit that we totally miss the […]

Hickory Ham Maik on Michelle Obama’s Weird Water-Related Public Health Campaign

I’ve spent the last 15 minutes being rather baffled by the website for Michelle Obama’s Partnership for a Healthier America campaign to get people to drink more water (file under: procrastination). You can find it here. You might have expected the website to provide you with some tips on how to remember to drink water throughout […]

My Complicated Relationship with Paleo

Almost a year ago I experimented with eating Paleo for the first time. For the unfamiliar, Paleo is a style of eating where you avoid all processed foods, with the idea that you’re eating a pre-agricultural diet that is better suited to the human body. The Paleo diet (I don’t consider it a diet in […]

Tomato, Rapper, or Stripper Name?

As you may already know, I am an avid gardener. Tomatoes are currently in season and while browsing at Lowes, I was shocked to realize that pretty much all of the tomato varietals have names that sound either like rappers or stripper names: Better Bush Beefmaster Tami G Mr. Stripey Big Boy Better Boy  New […]

Let’s Talk About Snacks, Baby!

Rashaun always posts on Facebook about Graze, this snack box subscription she has where they send her a snack box, every week, for $5 a box, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Of course, Graze is like the Studio 54 of snack boxes and you need an invite code to enroll, and Rashaun is […]

Four Years Without My Dad: Tears, Ghosts, Jellybeans, and a Ginger Cookie Recipe by Elizabeth Nelson

The day after I turned thirty-three, I was standing at the kitchen counter chopping onions for a spinach quiche and listening to the Weepies album I got for my birthday when the phone rang. The song Antarctica was playing and I was crying from the onions but also because I was remembering the trip to […]

Going gluten-free: the straight dope from a nutritionist

Gluten-free hype is all over the news. Olympic athletes are quitting gluten to improve their performance. Every day another celebrity is publishing a new book about how quitting gluten changed their life. It’s like there’s a conspiracy against wheat. A lot of people ask me, “What going on?” Here are the top five questions I […]

INTERVENTION!!!! Agave syrup is NOT a “healthy” alternative to sugar!

You may have been wondering where I’ve been for the past few weeks. (OK, months.) I moved to Bloomington, Indiana (Alfred Kinsey did his research here, don’t hate) to pursue a Master’s of Public Health degree. It was a long, convoluted road that brought me here, but at the end of the day I’m pretty […]

DIY Vegan Fudgesicles!

It’s hard to believe how delicious these simple frozen treats are, as well as healthy, using the natural sweetness of bananas and almond milk to create a dairy-free creamy flavor. These treats are great for vegans, people with dairy allergies, or anyone looking for a healthy but decadent alternative to ice cream. Ingredients: 3 medium […]

Work It! Tracy Hurst: President and Matriarch of Chicago’s Metropolitan Brewing

Work It! is an interview series on MsBehaved featuring fascinating folks who work outside the traditional 9-5, to amuse, inspire, and light a fire under your butt to start pursuing the career of your dreams. Name: Tracy Hurst Age: 39 Location: Metropolitan Brewing, 5121 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, 60640 What do you do, in your […]

Kick the Can Ice Cream: 4th of July Fun EXPOSED!

Remember when Indiana Rep. Bob Morris wrote that crazypants open letter to his fellow law makers claiming that the Girl Scouts of America is radical organization that sexualizes young girls and promotes homosexuality?  (If you haven’t, I suggest you do.  That piece of work in its entirety, here.)  I am disappointed that he completely neglected […]

Summer DIY: Hibiscus Iced Cooler

This tart, refreshing iced herbal tea is perfect on a hot day! Hibiscus is very tart and lends its intense red color to the tea. Rose hips gives a more grounded, fruity flavor, and peppermint adds a refreshing herbal finish. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of peppermint tea 1 tablespoon of dried rose hips 1 tablespoon of […]

Battle of the Beastie Yeasties Part 2: Getting Hardcore about Candida!

This article is a response to Sarah’s recent article “Battle of the Beastie Yeasties,” in which she requests how others manage vaginal yeast overgrowth. I’m a certified nutrition consultant, and I specialize in yeast and bacterial overgrowth. I got into this profession in response to my own battle with the nasty buggers and I’ve experimented with nearly […]

Mix It, Shake It, Stir It: Your Weekly Guide To Spirits and Cocktails (All-American Whiskey!)

Welcome back, my dear sippers and shooters! I told you that I would, indeed, be back this week with all things American Whiskey.  It seems fitting that yesterday was National Bourbon Day- I’m always a day late and a dollar short, it seems- and in case any of you missed National Bourbon day, you’ll get […]

DIY Fun: Gluten-free Brownie Cookies

A while back, I taught you how to make DIY almond (or other nut) milk in your blender. This recipe leaves you with a lot of fibrous pulp that seems like a shame to throw away, and I’ve gotten in the habit of putting it in my smoothies. However, I have recently discovered an easy […]

Sweet Ritual: A Beacon of Frozen Vegan Delights in the Land of Barbecue

My grandparents were life-long Austin residents, and my father was raised here as well.  I grew up a couple of hours away, but we visited Austin regularly.  I’d sit in the backseat, rolling my eyes as my grandfather pointed out the baseball field that was once a dairy farm, sighing deeply when my dad drove […]

Mix It, Shake It, Stir It: Your Weekly Guide To Spirits and Cocktails (Gin-It’ll Make Ya Sin!)

Greetings and salutations, my lovely imbibers!  I’m back after an awesome road trip with Bianca and ready to talk about a much misunderstood and often-times snubbed spirit, gin. Now, having worked for a gin distillery for a year, I’ve grown quite partial to the spirit.  This took some time, though. I was totally one of […]

Summertime Fancy Lady Drink: Rose Sangria

Now that it’s June, it’s time to enjoy some tasty boozy summer beverages! Sangria is maybe my favorite summer drink because it’s boozy, sweet but not noxiously so, and full of fresh summer fruit and antioxidants from the wine (plus you can use cheap wine and it still tastes good!) I also have an unapologetic […]

Mix It, Shake It, Stir It: Your Weekly Guide To Spirits and Cocktails (It’s Vodka Time!)

Greetings and salutations, my dear tipplers (that’s old-timey for “drinkers”)!  Cecelia Strick9 here, your resident feminist bartender extraordinaire!  I’ve decided to help all of you lovelies learn about the world of spirits, taking you across the globe and back, all in a glass. The world of spirits and boozing can be really intimidating at times. […]

Work It! Cecelia Strick9: Mixologist, Artist, and Blogger

You may already be familiar with Ms. Cecelia as a regular contributor here at Ms. Behaved. What you may not know is that I initially approached her because I wanted to interview her for the Work It! series,  and she wound up sending me some awesome essays to boot! In addition to being a great […]