My name is Brighid. I’m 32. I’m finishing a PhD. I live happily with my partner of 11 years. I’m a running, knitting, drinking, foodie, sex-positive feminist– and now: I’m pregnant



  1. I loved your story about the last WWI veteran, Harry Patch and I would love to tell you atonher story, a story about Betty. Over twenty years ago, my family and I moved to a house in an older neighborhood. There we found that our next door neighbor was a retired WWII nurse who served aboard Navy ships during WWII. During the years she told us war stories and baked the most unbelievable desserts I have ever tasted. My dogs used to crawl under the fence and spend the afternoon sitting with Betty in her backyard. We only found out that they were doing that when they received homemade dog biscuits from Betty for Christmas. The years went by and Betty succumbed to senile dementia, eventually having to go into a convalescent hospital. The end of the story is the end of all our stories. We found out that Betty had died. She will be buried with full military honors at Fort Rosecrans, a national cemetery. My family and I will be attending her funeral, and I will probably cry, but not for Betty’s death, but that such an unique personality is gone and we will never see her like again. As with Henry Patch, the world has lost something unique and special.

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