Welcome to Ms. Behaved 2.0! (No Foolin’!)

Almost exactly one year ago, I got a message from Sarah Saxon. We were both XOJane alumni, I ran a personal blog about sex, gender, and hip hop called School for Scandal, and she asked me if I wanted to contribute to her new project MsBehaved.com. Sure, why not? I thought.

Salt Lick

I messed with Texas.

I was down in Texas a few weeks later to check out UT Austin as a possible grad school option, and Sarah and I went to the Salt Lick and talked business over giant plates of sausages and brisket. A few days later, it was settled- I wouldn’t be going to grad school in Texas, but I would be joining Ms. Behaved as the Sex and Beauty Editor.

For a few furious months, Sarah and I poured all we had into Ms. Behaved, with the help of many wonderful contributors. But eventually life got in the way- I left for grad school, Sarah was busy with work, a couple of our regular contributors gave birth to babies (more about that later)- and we weren’t able to update as frequently as we used to. Eventually Sarah decided it was time to hang up her hat to focus on other things, and asked me if I wanted to take over the helm. True, I was busy with grad school, but I missed regular blogging, and wanted to see Ms. Behaved thrive. I decided to take over the role of executive editor from Sarah, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it alone.

When considering who I would ask on board as co-editors, two people immediately came to mind: Rashaun Ellis and Shannon Humphreys.

Bianca and Shaun

Rashaun is a long-time friend I originally met on Livejournal- we got to know each other through personal blog posts, and then in real life. I’ve always enjoyed her sharp Southern wit and punk-rock sensibilities. She is a fierce, one-of-a-kind lady (well, technically two-of-a-kind if you consider she has an identical twin). She was our first person to be featured in Style Icon, and she did some fantastic blogging for Ms. Behaved about her experiences working at a sex shop, the politics of body hair, southern gay bars, and the complicated intersection of race and punk and metal subcultures. I asked her if she wanted to be an editor, and the reply was a resounding YES. I am so stoked to have her on board for relaunch. Her introductory post will follow shortly.


Shannon Humphreys is another XOJane alum who has been one of Ms. Behaved’s most regular contributors since the site began. She’s blogged for Ms. Behaved about in life in the UK as an American expat, the ups and downs of parenting, Euro football hotties,  and she even live-blogged the batshit insane Eurovision song contest for us (because I asked her to!) She has put so much into the site that I wanted her on board for the relaunch to help keep making the magic happening, and because I value the unique perspectives she offers to the site.

I also want to give my undying love to Sarah Saxon for getting this party started in the first place.

To celebrate these changes, we’ve got an exciting relaunch week planned for you:

-Rashaun’s inspiring tale of how becoming a fathlete changed her life

-Shannon on the trials and tribulations of motherhood

-Why I love Lena’s Dunham’s naked butt: fresh content from my new gig blogging for Kinsey Confidential 

-A Work It! interview with fierce femme sex educator and researcher Dr. Debby Herbenick

Brighid of “Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties” shares her birth story (with tales of post-partum sex planned for future!)

-A Book Excerpt and Interview with novelist and Black Tape for a Blue Girl lyricist Sam Rosenthal, from his genderqueer intellectual erotica novel Rye, as well as a feature on poet Kit Yan

-New content from Cecelia Strick9!

-New Style Icons!

– House Party, A new series that takes you inside the homes of fabulous people

…And much much more….

ori pei

I’ve also updated my mission statement to reflect my vision for the blog, so check it out.

As always, we are looking for talented writers and fabulous folks to feature for our Style Icon fashion series, Work It! career series, Artist, Musician and Writer profiles, and so forth. We are also looking for artistic and web savvy people to help us redesign the logo and the site in general. Please contact bianca@msbehaved.com with inquiries.

Please bear with us as we work out the kinks…

From Bloomington with love,

Bianca James



  1. Yay! Congratulations, and I’m glad you have some solid co-editors to keep the party going!

  2. So pumped about MsBehaved 2.0! You are all my favorites- no foolin’!

  3. shannonhumphreys says:

    So excited about this!

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