How I Learned to Stop Worrying About TSS and Love the Cup

We’re friends now, aren’t we, imaginary reader?  I mean, we can talk openly with each other about the kind of things that you wouldn’t discuss with casual acquaintances, right? Well, really, by “you” I mean YOU because I will tell anybody, anything, anytime.  Which is why I’m about to let you in on some really intimate details of my self-care routine.  THERE IS NO TMI UP IN MY HOUSE.  *Ahem*

Let’s time travel back to two summers ago.  For about the umpteenth time, I was feeling vaguely flu-ish during my period.  This feeling would always leave me when I removed my tampon.  I’d just read It Happened to Me:  I Got Toxic Shock Syndrome on, and  I was feeling mighty paranoid, so I decided to look into menstrual cups.

The concept is pretty simple.  It’s a medical grade silicone cup, (well, most of them are), that you fold up and insert into your vagina.  It opens up and sits either below or on your cervix and catches your menstrual flow.  Every so often, you take it out and empty it, then pop it back in.  One of these little marvels can last you around 10 years.  Mine cost approximately $20, so, you know, SCORE! Yes, you do have to stick your fingers into your vagina to insert and remove it.  Personally, I quite like my vagina, so this is not a problem for me.  They quite obviously cut down on waste, so if green living is your bag, you’re all good there.  One little cup or ten years worth of tampons/pads sitting in a landfill?

I spent ages on this really informative Live Journal group learning everything I could about these things before I took the plunge and bought one.  I bought some pads (I HATE pads) for back up during my first period using the cup.  I won’t lie, it was a bit fiddley at first.  I had no problems getting it in and open, but getting it out was a bit of a fishing expedition.  The first thing that I noticed was NO CRAMPS.  I always get cramps.  They usually come on pretty suddenly and last for 3-4 days.  I didn’t trust it at all that first month.  I checked it every 4 hours, but it was never more than a quarter full and it never leaked.  By the end of that first period, I felt pretty comfortable getting it in and out without too much hassle.

New uses for old things! Christmas is right around the corner!

These days, I pop it in when my period starts (or sometimes when I think it is going to start), and empty it at intervals that suit me.  Usually first thing in the morning, late afternoon and then just before bed.  That’s it.  I find myself randomly remembering that I have my period, because I actually forget for hours at a time. No cramps.  No feeling ill or paranoid, and NO icky bits of cotton sticking when I take it out too soon. Is there a stronger endorsement than that?  I’m not saying it’s for everybody, but if you’re not feeling your tampons,  don’t be afraid to come on over and try the cup, Love.

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  1. Another cup-lover right here. Even worked perfectly with my paraguard IUD. I’m dreading being post-partum and having to use pads…

  2. Times three on the cup love here.

    I still get cramps, even with the cup, but endo will do that.

    And I still end up needing to empty my cup every 1-3 hours… but all the more reason for me to pay for one cup (okay, okay, so I might like to collect them in the pretty colors) rather than eleventybillion disposable products.

    • shannonhumphreys says:

      I’m trying to sell Sarah on the sparkley MeLunas! I should probably just get myself a pretty one, eh?
      I always felt like tampons were ripping me off anyway. If you NEED superplus, then you’re probably changing them as often as the chick using regulars, but getting less tampons per box… UNFAIR! I call Shenanegans on that whole mess.

      • The sparkly Melunas are pretty, definitely, though my pelvic floor issues and I now have my own shopping eye on the Meluna Sport.

        I keep rationalizing the expenditure by reminding myself that a cup costs me about as much as 2.5 cycles of disposables. So as long as I wait, like, 5 cycles between cup purchases, I still come out ahead, right? Right? (Okay, so really, I haven’t gotten a new cup in a couple of years, but whatever.)

      • Shannon says I need a sparkly one for galas and special event periods. hahaha Next cycle it’s on.

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