Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties: On “Baby Soothers”

Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties is a no-holds-barred series about sex during pregnancy from MsBehaved contributor BrighidLast time, Brighid managed to troubleshoot some of pregnancy sex woes with help from her doctor. This week Brighid discovers that vibrators are fun for the whole family. Read on!

In the midst of trying to troubleshoot my vag I did continue to find some forms of sex both pleasurable and appealing. In particular, my deep love for my vibrator: The Panasonic Easy Reach.

I have a wide selection of vibrating toys – anal, vaginal, g-spot, cock rings, gloves, bullets, etc – but the Easy Reach is by far my favorite. For solo play, I like a very strong clitoral vibration that is not often achievable with your average battery-operated vibrator. I regularly run into the problem of applying too much pressure to the device and having it actually shut off. Plus, I keep running out of batteries.

Not an issue with the Easy Reach – you have to plug it in – but boy oh boy is it powerful. The long handle makes it fantastic for solo or partner play. These days it’s great for not having to reach around my 8-month pregnant belly. It’s never let me down and provides quick and electrifying satisfaction.

It’s become a running joke in our household that instead of a “sleep sheep” or white noise generator, the most soothing lullaby for our kid will be my Easy Reach. Then, at our baby shower, we were given this “baby soother”:

Looks like a lady bug, and inside it’s a vibrator. The idea is that you put it on the kid’s back and the gentle vibrations sooth their body while the white noise calms them down. Now I don’t need to hang the Easy Reach from the crib, I can provide baby with his own vibrator from day one!

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  1. Where I can get one? mine is breaking LOL


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