Beyond Harry & David: Birthday Gift Subscriptions for 9% of the [US] Population

There are more American birthdays in August than in any other month, and shopping for some of these birthday boys and girls is a total pain.  Monthly subscription services to the rescue! I am not talking about your meemaw’s  fruit-of-the-month club, there are some fantastic finds.  This list is by no means an all-inclusive, but here are a few noteworthy gift options:

There are also subscriptions  specifically targeting men that focus mainly on clothing and grooming such as  Bombfell and Get Fresh Kit.  Their marketing is a bit troubling, though… Apparently, the male population is too busy doing awesome guy stuff to make time for shopping and hygiene.

Bespoke Post is another subscription service geared towards fellas, and it stands outs as my favorite for a couple of  a couple of reasons.  Each “Box of Awesome” is curated on theme. (Bro-centric marketing departments cannot get enough awesome, can they?)  I saw the “Salt” box in person,  and I was smitten.  It  contained a Himalayan salt block, artisan salt set, and gift card to a farm-to-table meat purveyor.  Check out the video below and nerd out like I did:

I haven’t been as taken with some of the other selections.  Barrel aged cocktail kit and tumbler set? Yay!  The coaster, soy candle, cedar sachet and notepad combo? Boo!  BUT subscribers are privy to the contents to each month’s box ahead of time and can opt out if they like and apply the credit to a more compelling box when it becomes available.  I read on TechCrunch that the retail value of items is around $70, so the price tag of $45/month is respectable.  Gifts plans can be purchased in one-time, 3-month, and 6-month subscriptions.  Bespoke Post’s offerings may be awesome enough for a man, but they’re neat enough to suit me.  Pssst, my birthday is August 20th!



  1. shannonhumphreys says:

    imma have to find me some UK versions of these!

    • These are so cute, Sheri! I like to give onesies as gifts, beuacse a new mother can never have too many. Gift certificates are also good for non-gender items.

  2. I was so excited when I found the butntos because the sweater was half done already and I figured I’d have to go with plain white butntos. I think I even did a little dance when I found these .

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