Webisode to Watch: Romantic Encounters with Melinda Hill

Last night I was listening to  the latest episode of  Eat My Podcast, hosted by comedian Melinda Hill and best-selling author Jillian Lauren.  (Read our Q & A with them here!)  Melinda has a new web series out based on dating stories from her stand-up, Romantic Encounters with Melinda Hill.  They are beautifully shot and produced and painfully funny.

The first episode is called Handjob Hamlet.

This one is titled “ToyStory5,” which is THE BEST  date.com screen name ever. HA!

Ugh, these guys are the worst. ToyStory5 reminds me of this guy I was briefly involved with years ago… Very early in, he planned a vacation for us months ahead of time, talked up our future wedding,  let his desire to be a father known, etc.  I was perfectly fine with a casual arrangement, and there was no need for him to spin game,  so why would he? I was creeped out, but also strangely flattered (and naive, obviously).  Then, when I tried to make weekend plans with him mid-week, he sent me an email saying that neither one of us needed to be in a that serious of a relationship. What?! Way to turn it around on me, Bozo.

Romantic Encounters is a fantastic example of turning suffering into art (or at least entertainment.)  The series can be found on Funny or Die and YouTube.

Tell me your dating horror stories in the comments, PUHLEEZE!

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