Evolution of the Female Gaze: Jenna Marbles wants you to Bounce That Dick

I was initially suspicious of comedienne Jenna Marbles. On the surface, she’s the stereotypical spray-tanned, gym-toned California blonde with a pair of tiny purse dogs in tow. But the scratch the surface, and you have a lady who is seriously smart, crass, AND funny, which are three of the big heteronormative no-nos for women:

Go out and get yourself a job that’s super degrading. I picked dancing in my underwear. Before i go to work, I like to pump myself up by crying over my master’s degree.

I think Jenna Marbles officially won me over when she consumed a tablespoon of cinnamon while dressed like Drake. Yes, Drake.

Jenna Marbles is not afraid to fuck with gender (she’ll often draw on a villainous eyeliner pencil mustache when portraying male characters), don a giant red wig and make demented expressions while pretending to be a stalkerish parody of Adele, and generally take things to a ridiculous extreme in the name of humor.

A lot of people get annoyed at the way she shmoops on her dogs, but whatever, I’m in love with her Italian greyhound Kermit, who she occasional sticks in her shirt with only his head sticking out.

Anyway, I had a point, and that point was that Jenna Marbles made this really awesome rap song/music video called “Bounce That Dick,” an overt parody of the way women are objectified as bouncing asses in rap videos by turning the tables:

I just wanna let everybody know
That I’ve been told
Since the day I first started growing pubes
To shake my ass
Well guess what
My ass is fucking tired as shit
This time it’s your turn to wiggle your man junk for me
I wanna see you shake your motherfucking penis bitch

I personally think bouncing dicks are hilarious and fun to watch, so kudos Jenna for owning the female gaze, hardcore.

And if you need a little extra dose of sexy dick bouncing, I highly recommend this Die Antwoord video.

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  1. Sausage swinging FTW!

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