Q & A With Melinda Hill & Jillian Lauren of Eat My Podcast

From the Eat My Podcast Website:

Eat My Podcast is a scream of a podcast hosted by comedian Melinda Hill and bestselling author Jillian Lauren. Known for dishing about unusual personal experiences with truly original voices, these two brainy babes explore what their superstar guests wanted to be when they grew up and how that’s panned out for them. Eat My Podcast is an insightful journey into the defining experiences of the little people who became the big people we love today. And if you don’t like it, you can eat it.

You might recognize Melinda (right) from Comedy Central’s Pretend Time with Nick Swardson, her role in the film Bright Day or one of her many television appearances on  Glory Daze, Reno 911, Sarah Silverman Program, Important Things With Demetri Martin, Frank TV, The Winner, and Chris Kattan’s Bollywood Hero.  Her  stand up has been featured on Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson, Bonnie Hunt Show, BBC’s World Stands Up, NESN’s Comedy All Stars, Comics Unleashed, and most recently when she hosted Byron Allen’s series Comedy.TV. She co-founded the hit LA stand up show “What’s Up Tiger Lily?” with Maria Bamford and her critically acclaimed comedy CD “The Accidental Bisexual” is available from Stand Up! Records on iTunes and Amazon.   She’s also the voice Doctor Princess on the cartoon Adventure Time and the other half of the viral hit Confessions of a Tooth Fairy with Kristen Wiig.  Catch up with her on her website, melindahill.com

Jillian’s (left) no slouch, either.  She is author of the novel Pretty and the New York Times Best bestselling memoir, Some Girls:  My Life in a Harem.  Her writing in The Paris ReviewThe New York TimesVanity FairLos Angeles Magazine and Flaunt Magazine and many others Jillian has participated spoken word and storytelling events across the country, including The Moth.  She has been interviewed on such television programs as The View, Good Morning America and Howard Stern and was a featured dancer with the infamous Velvet Hammer Burlesque troupe. Jillian regularly blogs at Today Moms and jillianlauren.com.

What’s the Eat My Podcast back story? How did you two decide to work together?

Jillian: We were fans of each other’s work and one night when Scott* and I were at Melinda’s comedy show (Tiger Lily), I had the idea to do a podcast and asked if she’d cohost. The rest is herstory.

*Jillian is married to Weezer bassist, Scott Shriner

Please explain how you two collaborate to pull a show together.

Melinda: We initially met over weekly vegetable juices at Naturewell in Silverlake to discuss all the stuff we had to do. We really had no idea how to do a podcast! A lot of it was asking other people and just putting one foot in front of the other. Jamie Flam (who books the Hollywood Improv) helped us with a lot of info, and we had an amazing web designer and sound engineer in the beginning. We’ve really just been learning as we go along, trying to get this contraption off the ground, and could not be more pleased that people seem to be enjoying watching it wobble into the sky.

Who is on your fantasy interview wish list? 

Jillian: We are fortunate that a lot of our fantasy guests are already lined up but we can’t drop names until the episodes are ready to go. (We’re very superstitious and also we signed a pact with the devil.)

What podcasts are on your personal iPods?

Melinda: I listen to WTF on my morning hikes. I’ve dabbled in some others but I always go back to that one.

Jillian: WTF, This American Life, The Moth, The Dana Gould Hour, Democracy Now, How Was Your Week…

This is an obvious question, but what did you want to be when you were children?

Melinda: I used to hit the tennis ball against the garage door for hours and make up characters in my head because it was relaxing and fun, but I didn’t know that that was actually a career. I now do that same thing professionally as a comedian, writer, actress, producer, etc.

Jillian: I wanted to be a musical theater diva. Specifically the white cat in the Broadway musical Cats.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? 

Melinda: Fortune favors the brave.

Jillian: Don’t wear high heels on a soggy lawn.

Do you have any secret talents?

Melinda:  Detaching from difficult personalities.

Jillian:  I like to knit dishtowels. And some other things, but mostly dishtowels.

What other projects do you have in the works?

Melinda:  I’m currently writing, producing and acting in a web series based on my stand up called “Romantic Encounters with Melinda Hill.”

Jillian:  I’m taking my one-woman show Mother Tongue to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer. And I’m working on a new memoir.

Visit the Eat My Podcast website to catch up on back episodes or download/subscribe to the show on iTunes.   You won’t be disappointed!  Guests so far have included Thomas Jane, Patty Schemel, Mischna Wolf, Taylor Negron,  Selene Luna, Julien  Nitzberg and Nina Hartley .  Keep up with the show’s latest happenings on Twitter @eatmypodcast.

(Photos from the Eat My Podcast website.)

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