The Waiter of My Dreams

I have found there is a love/hate relationship with waiters. I tend to always fall on the love side unless the waiter is a real pain in the pudding, if you know what I mean. In Australia, as in most of Europe, tipping is not a big thing. You can do it, it’s not illegal or anything but it’s considered a rare and unexpected surprise. This means the waiters don’t necessarily HAVE to be nice or pleasant if they don’t want to be. All they have to do is get your order and deliver your food. You, as the customer, have no say in how much money they’ll be leaving with on that given day. It’s made me appreciate nice, attentive waiters so much that I end up tipping every single time I eat out while traveling for the past few month from Australia to Italy to Switzerland to London.

I rarely eat breakfast out during the week but last week my boyfriend, Jack, and I felt like pancakes. Mine are no good (still working on it) so we went out. It was a beautiful day out and by goodness it should have been! We sat outside to enjoy the weather, even though there was no umbrella to block away the sun. Jack was smart and brought his sunglasses a long but I don’t know where mine are… I never know where mine are. One of my great qualities is my ability to lose valuable things and move on. So, I sat there squinting, trying to make out Jack’s face expressions while my eyes were tearing.

Soon after, our waiter came over to take our order. He was nice and upbeat, he had the kind of energy that shifts yours to match it immediately. I couldn’t help but smile and giggle through our entire conversation. He took our order and went on his merry way. He was definitely a talker, but knew when to stop. He asked about our morning, if we needed any help with the menu, he suggested a couple of dishes, commented on the weather, randomly complimented both our curly hair; the usual small talk. He expressed complete delight in our food choices as he was writing them down on his note pad. And since my sight was impaired by the sun, my hearing was enhanced and I heard him whisper to himself, “I have an idea” as he was walking away.

Our food came but it wasn’t our waiter delivering it. I was disappointed until I saw him behind the other waitress holding an additional plate. He placed the plate he was holding on the table and said “Bon appetite.”  It was a plate of his own sunglasses on the table neatly placed on top of a napkin, when we saw the plate he added, “Sunnies, coming right up!”

I know the timing of what he said doesn’t make sense, but it’s the thought that counts. I loved him. He was the waiter of my dreams. Not because I wanted sunglasses but because he was so happy to be doing what he was doing and finding a way to make it fun. Maybe he was just having a good day; maybe he had just won an all expenses paid trip to the Greek Island. All I know is that if everyone had a version of the attitude he had the world would be a better place.

And I never even got his name…

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Bianca Cuffia works in video production but not full time, watches sports passionately but is not an athlete, thoroughly enjoys comedy but is not a comedian, speaks two languages but isn’t brilliant at either, is in love with good food but is not a great cook. What is she then? The people demand to know! She is in fact a Sour Patch Kid. Not really, but she really likes them too. You can find out more about her on tumblr and twitter.


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