TGIF: Friday Morning Mix Tape

Hello my lovers,

I am not really awake this morning. Or caught up on anything. But that’s ok, because I made some FRIDAY JAMZ for you! (To enjoy with your Simian breakfast mimosa!)


It’s got Dum Dum Girls, Vampire Weekend, Raphael Saadiq, The Kills, and a couple BeeGees song cuz poor Robin Gibb died last Sunday and the BeeGees are my ultimate guilty pleasure band!

You can listen to last week’s mix tape here. You’re welcome!

Now, go watch this video of adorable monkeys getting trashed at a beachside resort, and pretend it’s you instead. Aaaaaaaah.


Bianca James


  1. HOT CHIP HOT CHIP HOT CHIP! Yay! I wish I were a monkey!

    • Perhaps a monkey with a miniature cymbal? I totally forgot that I put that song on the mix, ironically, there’s no monkey theme otherwise. I just wanted an excuse to post a picture of a cute monkey getting crunk.

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