Weekend Project: Disco Ball Eyelids!

Bianca James, ca. 1999.

Back in my misspent youth, I was very into Glam Rock. I had a college radio show called “All Things In Excess” (you can see old playlists here, check out my “David Bowie Ate My Balls” page as well for a blast of 1999 internet nostalgia) and spent a lot of time at a monthly goth/glam fusion club night called Dark Sparkle.

The fictional David Bowie biopic “Velvet Goldmine” came out when I was 19, and my I forced my mom to take me to see it in West Hollywood when she visited me at college (I didn’t have a car and LA is shit for public transit.) Of course I loved the film, it has Ewan McGregor’s penis and hot homoerotic glam rock makeouts:

You what else I loved? Placebo front-androgyne Brian Molko’s cameo in the film, where he wore amazing silver glitter eyemakeup that looked like disco balls.

So of course, I figured out a way to appropriate the look for myself, using Elmer’s glue, eyeliner, and cosmetic glitter. Tutorial follows:

In case you’re too lazy to watch the video, instructions are as follows:

1. Apply black eyeliner.

2. Apply thin layer of Elmer’s glue to eyelid.

3. Dip clean, dry finger in pot of cosmetic glitter, pat onto eyelid. Clean your finger off between applications for best results.

4. Apply mascara.

5. Rock that fierceness.

See, easy!

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  1. My second favorite movie after Rocky Horror. ❤ I gasped in delight upon seeing Brian Molko. Hee hee.

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