Awesome rechargeable vibrators that fit in your pocket! (Video)

Lelo’s “Nea”: Vibrator Perfection

I admit it, I have a sex toy problem. Well, it’s not a problem. I just own a lot of them, and write reviews of them on School For Scandal, and regularly incorporate them into my solo and partnered sexytimes. I’m your sex editor, so I’m allowed to talk about this stuff, yeah?

I know a lot of people are still squeamish or intimidated by sex toys, which makes me sad. You can enjoy sex toys AND still enjoy your hand or someone else’s hand or genitalia or whatever it is you currently use to get off. For me personally, I need a vibrator to have a clitoral orgasm most of the time, and I’m totally ok with it. (And I only choose partners who are ok with it too!)

Another barrier towards trying sex toys is that the cheap ones typically suck  (I swore by silver bullet vibes for years, but they eat AA batteries like crazy, and seem to break every few months), and that the good ones tend to be pretty expensive. Quality sex toys are priced as luxury items, and can be hard on the wallet (it pays to shop around though- they’re often less expensive on Amazon). I generally recommend that newbies go to their local feminist sex toy retailer (if you’re lucky enough to have one in your area), where you can talk to a sales associate, try items on your hand, etc.  Read reviews online, buy some inexpensive items to find out what kind of stimulation you like, and upgrade to more expensive items as time goes by. Treat a nice vibrator like you would a pair of sexy shoes, put some money aside and get one as a special treat for yourself. You won’t regret it, I promise!

Anyway, I’ve recently forayed into recording video sex toy reviews for my blog, and I thought I’d put one together for MsBehaved. In the video, I give an overview of three awesome vibrators that are cute, pink (two of them come in other colors, so don’t fret if you hate pink), discreetly purse-sized, and conveniently rechargeable. One is waterproof and can be used in the tub, one can be charged via the USB port of your computer, and the other has a special “travel lock” setting so it doesn’t accidentally turn on if you keep it in your bag! I am personally a huge fan of keeping a small vibrator on hand for traveling, sleepovers, or any time I need a special “break.” Check ’em out!

Here are the items I featured in the video:

Kandi Kisses $59.00

WeVibe Tango $79.00

Lelo Nea $89 (my favorite of the three!)

Just a heads up: MsBehaved readers can get a 15% discount on these (or any other) items by using code TZZ when shopping at!



  1. Bianca! I need you to teach me how to put on lipstick without looking like The Joker. Your color is so pretty.

    I like design of the Lelo Nea is even sexy. I want!

    • I’m wearing a Sephora lipstain in this video. I like matte lipsticks because they don’t get everywhere. I think finding a good color and practicing is key!


  1. Three Vibrators One…

    […] me how to put on lipstick without looking like The Joker. Your color is so pret […]…

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