10 Reasons Mom Deserves More Than One Day

    1. She might not remember where she put her car keys or how to check her voicemail, but she remembers the exact time you were born, how much you weighed, when you got your first tooth and what your first lovey was called.  No one will ever know you like she does.
    2. From just a couple weeks after you were conceived, her entire life has been consumed by her fears for your well-being.  No one would throw themselves in front of a bus to save you quicker than she would.
    3.  She wanted you more than she wanted her pre-baby body and life.  Who else do you know that would give up perky boobs, bag -less eyes, their entire midsection and the ability and freedom to stay up drinking all night and in sleeping all weekend, just for you?
    4. She’s dealt with more bodily fluids than anyone you know and didn’t get paid for it.  Have you ever sat up all night getting thrown up on by a 4 year old?  How about an 8 year old?
    5.  Every time you skinned your knee, got ill, got made fun of and got your heart broken, she felt your pain and cried along with you.
    6.  All those times when you were a kid and begging for toys that she couldn’t buy you?  She was dying inside.  Now that she can afford to help you out once in a while, she secretly loves it.
    7.  She’s happy to let you move back in when your life blows up at 30 and is sad to see you move back out a few months later when you’re back on your feet.
    8. No matter how old you are, she will always miss you, every single day that she doesn’t get to see you.
    9.  Nobody will EVER be able to do or make that one special thing (GRILLED CHEESE) for you just the way she does.
    10.  All she has ever wanted is for you to have a better, easier, happier and more fulfilled life than she has.

      I love you, Mom!



  1. So sweet ❤

  2. thank you Shannon Nicole!! I Love You Too!!! ❤

  3. I love this list. So charming and sweet! Life in in the details and those are what make us cherish our loved ones most. Great list. = )

  4. shannonhumphreys says:

    Thanks so much, you guys!

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