Manicure Upgrade: 5 Fun Nail Polish Adhesives

According to CNN, nail art is the new lipstick. There are DIY tutorials and blogs on the subject out the nose:  nailside, wahnails, uneedamanicure, nail-nerd,  holymanicures and on and on. It’s a fun trend, but one I don’t actively participate in. When I attempt to paint my own nails, I lose patience quickly.  My hands shake and I get polish all over my fingers and cuticles. I’m also too cheap to spring for a proper salon manicure,  so nail polish adhesive strips are a cure-all.

You can purchase Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects everywhere– grocery stores, pharmacies, discount retailers … Sephora also carries several collections (for toes too).  Easy accessibility takes some of the fun out of it, though.   Who wants to be one of several girls in the room with the same manicure?  So, I present to you 5 unique designs to jazz up your digits:

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This posting system is giving me fits.  Here are links to purchase the designs above:
Frida Kahlo     Frenchy     Comic Book    Make a Wish    Red, White & Black

I like the idea of mixing up the “Frenchy” and “Comic Book” designs with bright solids.   What’s your take on the nail art trend?


  1. I am wearing pearl and red zebra stripe stickers right now! (they look kinda candy cane-ish but whatever…) I LOVE the Frida Kahlo ones!

  2. We don’t have a dress code/grooming policy, but I think fun nails would be frowned upon. Maybe I’ll push my luck! The Frida Kahlo strips look like tiny little paintings! The same seller also has great Virgin Mary sets.

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