The Booty-Mind Connection: How to Get the Body You Want with Yoga by Shoshanna Cohen

Yes, yoga will help you get the body you want. It’s fun and it’s fast! Here’s how.

First, find a class you like. DVDs and gym yoga classes are good, but if you can afford it, treat yourself to classes at a nice yoga studio that burns incense and plays music and stuff. When you get in there, commit. Breathe deeply and relax. Stretch really flamboyantly into Warrior 2. Crack up when you fall over in Eagle pose or when Enya starts playing. Admit to yourself that you kind of like it. Notice how good it feels to move and flex your body. Realize you are having more fun than you’ve had since the last time you went dancing.

Yoga instructors always say stuff like, “Enjoy a full expression of the pose,” and “Forget about your ego, don’t perform, just focus on your breath and meet the practice at a place that feels right today,” and “Thank yourself for coming here today.” They don’t tell you to “feel the burn” or to think about how good it’s going to make you look in your jeans or how many calories you’re burning. When they talk about strengthening your core, it’s for balance, not social currency. As long as you show up and do what feels good, you’re doing a great job. You can’t not be successful. When the instructor says, “The beauty in me recognizes the beauty in you,” realize that you’re beautiful.

At some point, you will be growing your branches in Tree pose, or doing Upward Dog with your boobs popping out of your shirt, and you will realize you’ve arrived at your goal. Not that you have a six-pack, but that you don’t and you really don’t care. You’ll realize you have the body you want: the one that is healthy and can do fun things. The one that makes you look like you and not like anybody else.

So there you have it. A perfect body from doing yoga. And you still get to eat ice cream.



I have written for Culinate, Portland Monthly, Imbibe Magazine, Ace Hotel and others. I write tweets for a living. I love physical culture: athletic pursuits of many kinds, colorful food, tasty cocktails.

I am on Twitter and occasionally blog about running on Nice Shorts.


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