You Better Work!

The past five days have not been kind to me.  It started off slowly, with feeling run down and not sleeping properly and steadily built up with a day of being a human pin cushion, then crested this weekend when I woke up Saturday morning to a four year old throwing up all over me and my bed.  There are few things that can mollify me when the universe conspires against me in such an obvious and diabolical manner, but it helps tremendously if RuPaul is involved.

That’s right, nothing cheers me up more than a weekend spent streaming the 4th season of Rupaul’s Drag Race, not to mention Drag U and (of course), Untucked.  Okay, maybe I went a little overboard, but more is more!  I love every single second of the craziness.  The catfights.  The wigs.  The performances. The shoes.  The mini challenges. The shade.  The guest judges.  The reading each other left and right.  The back stories. The way they all come together and support each other when it really matters.  Not to mention Ru.  How the hell does Ru look so good?!  Bitch is 51!  Think about that for a minute.

All that drama, all the puns, all the crazy outfits and crazier personalities warms my heart.  There is nothing I love more than people letting their freak flags fly.  I love the way that everyone rails at each other and then lets all that hostility just slip off their shoulders like it never was.  I love the way they make being a woman seem like so much fun!  When I’m down, they remind me of all the fun I can have just being me.

Sometimes, I get really uncomfortable watching.  I saw an episode of Untucked where they took some straight men and dragged them all up, and there were some tense moments for me.  Even worse than the flare ups were when the straight guys were trying to talk about what they learned from the experience.  They kept saying things like, “You all are REAL HUMAN BEINGS,” and it made me cringe to a degree I never thought possible.  I mean, of course they’re human beings!  What in the hell did you think they were?  Unicorns?  Ugh.

But moments like that just show how far we have to go in accepting each other.  It doesn’t detract from the fun and the pageantry and the overall awesomeness of what RuPaul and friends are bringing to the table.  It just makes it all the more special and important.  If all of reality television ceased to exist tomorrow, these are the only shows I’d mourn losing.  Oh, and, America?  If Sharon Needles doesn’t win tonight, I am going to hold all of you personally responsible.


  1. Anonymous says:

    very nicely done , heartfelt and sincere!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    the trash talking the judges do is HILARIOUS!!!! 🙂

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