Hey Bitches, I’m The Voice Of My Generation!

So like, Lena Dunham is super cool and super hot right now but yeah, me. What about me? I totally can create my own show to be picked up by a major network and become super famous and make money.  It’s meta.

And my show will be called GIRLZ, because see, it’s sorta like “Girls” but has a Z at the end as a sort of homage to Riot Grrrls because retro shit is hot right now, and it’s ironic, even though Jarvis Cocker says “Irony is over” and holy hell, see what I did there, I did a total post modern pop culture thingy by mentioning Riot Grrrls and Jarvis Cocker and irony all in one sentence. So you can totally help me be famous. Watch my amazing movie. That I wrote.  Follow me on Twitter! Reteweet that shit. PROFIT!

It’s so brilliant. I know you guys are floored right now. I mentioned everything that’s trending so it will get a lot of attention. #sexwork #slutshaming #bathtubpasta

You can say you knew me when.



  1. shannonhumphreys says:

    I love you, Eve.

    • Your border blecokd out beautifully! And that colour, it’s to die for. I knit a Girasole as a wedding gift for a friend a few years ago, it was such a rewarding project because it’s just so awesome! I think I need to knit another for myself seeing your gorgeous version is really inspiring!

  2. Did you watch Tiny Furniture? It’s pretty much the same deal.

  3. I was hoping that Lena Dunham would come around with Girls but…ehhhh….let’s face it, her mom is a famous artist. She’s famous because she’s well connected more than any rare talent imho. :/

  4. Peter brown says:

    Hi i love to talk wit u on fone.my no plus2348032676852

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