Swimwear Designs for Modesty Warriors and Glamazons

There many reasons I am grateful that one-piece swimwear is making a comeback — the retro styling,  less tugging to keep everything in place,  reduced bikini line maintenance, and most of all, covering up regrettable lower back tattoo. The 2000s were a different time. I was still technically a TEENAGER, and that whole Y2K thing had me really stressed out.  Fine, let’s just chalk it up to youthful indiscretion and be grateful it wasn’t an unplanned pregnancy.

Until I can get my hands on some Turlington’s Lower Back Tattoo Remover, I will embrace this glamorous trend  in the spirit Betty Grable and Ester Williams.   With the following criteria in mind, I went online window shopping and found the suits you see here:

  1. It must come in size shrimpy
  2. Have a padded bust to enhance what I got (not much)
  3. Cover my shame
  4. Be something I would actually pull off
  5. Be age appropriate  I can say I was shopping in the junior’s department for my niece, right?

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ASOS Karen Neilson Vintage Floral Suit – $474.48
Betsey Johnson State Fair One Piece – $178
Forever 21 Cabana Floral Retro One Piece – $23
J. Crew Off the Shoulder Tank – $118
Old Navy- Sweetheart Diagnonal Ruffle Swimsuit – $34.94
Pinup Girl Clothing – Dixiefried Glamour Swimsuit in Leopard Velvet-$92
Target – Junior’s Vintage One Piece- $23.99


  1. evevawter says:

    That ASOS suit is lovely!

  2. evevawter says:


  3. You can be fat and look better in one of those, right? Just checking.

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