When Being Inappropriate is Entirely Appropriate

I have never written for a blog or magazine, but when I was asked to write for this blog I had trouble figuring out what I wanted to write about. My first choice was to describe what living a life of the underprivileged (uneducated, ex-con, living in poverty, addicted to various opiates) was like.  But I knew that it would be masturbatory and self-indulgent and wouldn’t really add to the site. Then I thought I would write on topics such as politics and social psychology, but really I have NO authority on that.

What I have decided to write about is sex. How am I  qualified to talk about sex? Other than reading Dan Savage and actually partaking in the activity itself? For one, I have worked in the “sex industry”. Granted, it was brief (several months) and it wasn’t as a prostitute( I cammed online), however I was able to observe many sexual behaviors and situations many are not party to due to the situation itself. Two, I have dabbled and been a part of many varied sexual situations. I dated a transgender for several years, I have played the dominatrix for many men for cash, I have pushed the boundaries of my own sexual behavior for years, and I have come to accept that sexual flavors are as varied and unique as plant species.

The final and most important qualification I believe is that I am blunt, realistic and very much unembarrassed about sex.  What I have to say about it may offend some. What I have to say about it will come off as crude. But what I have to say about it is also true.

I will not couch my terms in “ladylike” ways. I don’t care about euphemisms. I find that when womens magazines and women neuter the language of sex what they are really saying is this: “You are simply too delicate to hear this. You could not handle this subject and what it really means. Now go find a tampon commercial to watch”.

So, I’m going to talk about our pussies. And I’m gonna talk about our wet pussies. And I’m gonna mention being fingered and how much it really just sucks. And there are many words that ladies should not use (cunt, cock, slick, moist, cum, and spurt) that I shouldn’t use that I am going to use because they work well. And if you are offended maybe you should examine why you are offended and why using another four letter word for THAT four letter word somehow transforms me from being a slattern and makes me a lady.

I look forward to helping you out in an arena that has been overlooked and undervalued. Sex is free, healthy and fun. And it’s important.


  1. evevawter says:

    I am all about the pearl clutching 100%. I want to make ” slut shaming” an Olympic sport so I can win ALL the medals. I’m not offended, I just find the whole ” lets all over share our sex lives on the Internet” really….boring. Because I’m old. And I’ve had sex. And I like sex but don’t feel the need to talk about my sex. But get on with yo’ sexy selves. Hee hee.

    * looks around nervously. Clutches pearls*

  2. evevawter says:

    I demand a pearl clutching section!

  3. evevawter says:

    Poor Salazar is all WHO IS THIS SKANKBOT3000 leaving all these comments? LOl

  4. I enjoy words that ladies shouldn’t say very much.

  5. evevawter says:

    Anytime Salazar says an x-rated word I’m gonna substitute it in my head to read ” lady garden” ❤

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