Casting Call For “The Thing to Do”

CBC Network (Canada) is casting for a new television program, The Thing to Do. Two opposing parties present their views on everyday dilemmas where the right thing to do is just not clear. A panel of “experts” chimes in and debates how they’d handle the issue at hand.

Examples of such problems would be:

  •  Is their an obligation to support your artist friends by attending events or purchasing designs you find distasteful?
  • People often believe their way of eating is the only way– be it vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, organic-only, etc.  Dietary choices can lead to intense animosity between otherwise peace-loving people.
  • When should a colleague who doesn’t know the difference between dressing for work or play be confronted?
  • How should splitting couples go about determining custody arrangements for their pets?
  • What do you do when a parent wants to compete over your children’s achievements?

Have an idea to share? Need help with a tricky predicament?  Please contact:


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