I Stopped Talking to You 10 Years Ago for a Reason by TC

My 10 year high school reunion is in six weeks and true to my alma mater’s fashion, they made sure not to give us ANY time to prepare. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years but then I can’t believe it hasn’t been longer. I went to a Catholic school in Brooklyn, NY that many people called a “public school with a dress code”.  We had fun, we broke rules, and we may have killed a nun or two. Like a lot of people, I also had my heart broken in high school.

Just call me a black Joey Potter because I fell hard for my best guy friend who luckily was a lot cooler than James Van Der Beek. I had all of the wholesome duties of a girlfriend (3 hour long phone calls, recipes from his mom, shoulder to cry on) but none of the realities; none of the acclaim. I was the last to know of the new girls in his life, but the first to know his father had a stroke. It took me years to get over our odd friendship/relationship/not a relationship/almost a relationship, but it  taught me not to settle. It would be great to see him and crack jokes about the stupid things only we talked about but, my Brooklyn Dawson now lives out of state and will not be attending this poorly planned reunion.

Unfortunately for me though, the first loser I let dive into unchartered territory will most likely be there. My life is such a cliché that he was your typical jock, one of my friends, talked a big game and when it came down to it, could not cash in. He may have been an All-American athlete, but there should have definitely been an F on his letterman jacket. I’ve seen him a couple of times since I pulled up my pants and left him dumbfounded and each time have tried to duck, dive, dip, and dodge.

My only focus these next several weeks, as vain and typical as this is, is to look so ridiculously hot that people may cry, I may be given an award, and the reunion will have to end as soon as I walk in. Not realistic? Pssh, you haven’t seen me turn it on. From the wonderful world of social networking, I’ve seen a few transformations that I would like to touch see in person. There are also the people that I have fond memories of, the usual suspects with which I still drink excessively, and others that I could care less about.

The people that mattered in 2002 still matter today. Those that didn’t, I hope you got fat. See you all in May.

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