Success & Beauty by M. Keep

Not every woman prioritizes men’s wealth and success when choosing a partner, just as not every man prioritizes women’s beauty and sexual availability. These are myths that hurt both men and women, and our interactions with one another. It makes us less willing to trust, less able to truly care for another human, and less certain of our relationships.

When looking for a partner we tend to be very distrustful of different things. If a man is successful, he worries that a woman is chasing him only for that. If a man isn’t successful, he worries that a woman will leave him if she finds someone more successful.

Similarly, if a woman is attractive, she worries that the man will only be with her as long as her beauty lasts. If she’s unattractive, she worries that her partner will leave her for someone more beautiful.

Of course, this leads to poor self-esteem and poor esteem for those in our lives. It’s another barrier we place between us and true trust and happiness. Unfortunately it requires you to let go of your misgivings, to let yourself love and feel, and to open yourself up to potential rejection and heartache.

And our friends don’t make it easy on us to make these decisions. While we all logically know that people can love without success and beauty, we have a tendency to disbelieve people who tell us otherwise. A man might expect a wink and a nudge when he says he loves his beautiful girlfriend for her personality, or a woman a knowing smile when she says her unattractive lover’s money doesn’t matter to her.

It’s our tendency to believe that we’re much less shallow – and much more introspective –than the people around us. Or, sometimes, it’s just complete disbelief because they’ve
bought into these myths of heterosexual relationships – that men must be rich and successful, and women must be beautiful and sexually available.

The truth of the matter, though, is that romantic relationships can develop for the strangest and most bizarre reasons. The sooner we come to realize that one size doesn’t fit all, the sooner we can come to trust one another’s motives, the sooner we can lead full romantic lives.

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