How to Be a Hot Bald Chick by Amazon Erotica Bestselling Author Shoshanna Evers

Let’s say you have no hair. Maybe it’s because you’re experiencing the side effects of chemo, maybe it’s some other medical reason, maybe you have alopecia like Michele in my erotic romance novella BEDHEAD. Or maybe you just got a little over-zealous with the clippers (we call that HUI, or haircutting under the influence).

Either way, you are now on your way to becoming a hot bald chick. Here are two ways how (although there are probably more I just don’t know of):

  1. Rock the look.
    Bald is beautiful, so put on your make-up, dress to impress, and go out into the world. You might turn a few heads, but know it’s because you look f*cking hot, not because of the ‘do. Michele didn’t truly understand how beautiful she was until Andrew, the male love interest in BEDHEAD, got her into his bed where he could take the time to show her, in his own slow, intensely pleasurable way, just how much she turned him on—hair or no hair.
  1. Wig? What wig?
    Gone are the days when everyone and their mama knew you were wearing a wig. If you want to have hair (and you might not, see Rock the Look above) then get the hair you’ve always desired. That’s right – you can buy it. Always wanted curly hair but yours was straight? No problem. You’re a natural brunette but you heard blondes really have more fun? Time to find out! No matter what you choose, you’ll look incredible.

Here’s the blurb for BEDHEAD, part of the Skin Deep Series at Ellora’s Cave Publishing. BEDHEAD is available wherever ebooks are sold.  Buy Bedhead here.

Michele Peterson is young, pretty, healthy…and bald. Being a woman with alopecia isn’t easy—not only do strangers treat her as if she’s a cancer patient, but hiding her bald head under a wig is hard on her sex life. Michele can’t shower with a lover or feel his hands tangled in her hair in the throes of passion. So at the age of twenty-six, she remains a virgin. Then a generous benefactor agrees to finance hair transplant surgery. Just in time too, because Michele thinks she’s met The One.

Andrew Calhoun doesn’t understand why the incredible woman he’s falling for is so distant—pulling away just as he thinks they’re making a connection. When he discovers her secret, he’ll have to make her realize that bald really is beautiful—before she goes through a potentially dangerous cosmetic surgery just for his sake. And the best way to make her feel desirable…is in bed.

To read an adults-only excerpt, click here.


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