Zou bisou bisou… ça pue!

Please excuse the delayed commentary on the Season 5 premiere of Mad Men.  As I mentioned before, I do not have cable so the majority of my entertainment is provided by Netflix, Hulu, and if a series makes the grade, Apple TV.  My honeycakes sprung season pass, and if the first episode is an indicator of things to come, I will need to employ a crutch to get me through– Gibson martini(s) and a drinking game.

Take a drink anytime:

–      Kathleen Turner’s voice comes out of Sally Draper’s mouth

–      Peggy gripes about her work load

–      Pete mentions the number accounts he brought in/is bringing in

–      Joan’s figure is complemented

–      There’s a gratuitous shot of Don’s bare chest or abdomen

–      Lane behaves like a posh spaz

–      Harry puts his foot in his mouth

–      Someone in the room comments on the size of Megan’s teeth (as a toothy woman, I object.)

–      Roger cracks a one liner

–      A PR move is made for good  PR, not actual progress


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