Lady Culture Word Choice Rules. Pffffft!

If there is one thing I’ve learned from Carrie Bradshaw,  aside from it’s totally fine to sleep with another woman’s husband so long as  you really like him, it’s that everyone loves puns. We never really see how many of those puns make it into her column, though.  My guess is zero.  Women’s interest editors, perhaps all editors, do not cotton to puns.  And that gives me the sads!  Now I have to come up with new title for “It’s Not You, It’s HPV.”  😦

It doesn’t hurt my feelings when my word choice gets axed in editing, but there should be a list of frowned upon words to avoid so I don’t waste brain power coming up synonyms.   I wrote this piece about public hair dye, and every single clever euphemism (fine, not clever)–crotch floss, short and curlies, lady garden, fur mound- all replaced with boring ole “pubes.”

Lady publication culture also dictates that we should only use anatomical words for our uniquely female parts. I did this to Salazar’spost yesterday, opting for labia over slit.  LAME!  Sometimes you just have to call as slit a slit.   Rules are made to be broken, right?  As head bitch in charge, I am going to exercise power to use body slang.  Bam! Fun bags!



  1. shannonhumphreys says:

    First of all, I ❤ puns. The worse, the better. Second, the other day, I called my business my "hooteananny". I have no idea why. Clearly, I'd make a horrible editor.

  2. haha “hootenanny” sounds like a fun party. I think it’s an accurate nickname.

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