The Best Wilson Phillips Spoof You Ever See

According to the creator William:

I was eating there with my girlfriends and they were telling me how [they support anti-gay organizations]. I was like, “Oh that sucks about the gay thing.” And then, I got diarrhea from it, so I was like, “F— this, I’m gonna write a song.” The fact that they come after gay people, let me come for you. The worst endorsement for a Christian chicken eatery is three drag queens.


  1. Chick-fil-A is the best ever! I saw this on Jezebel yesterday and remembered how much I missed the food! And the lemonade! They got it right about not being able to say no, even if the politics are F&$*%$ !!!

  2. The non-cross dressing guys in this video are so hot. I hope the white one with the cute smile is still available. Where can I purchase him?

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