Ask For, Get & Give Great Oral

In the spirit of Bill Clinton’s “oral sex isn’t sex” approach, I maintain if it doesn’t count if I don’t come.

I am tired of bad sex, and I know you are too.  I can’t claim to know what everyone enjoys, but I do have a better idea than those taking cues from porn.  If you haven’t had an enjoyable experience, it’s difficult to know what you like and how to ask for it.

Here are my tips for enjoyable cunnilingus.  Print them out at put them on your partner’s pillow (subtle) or employ them yourself :

1.  Tease.  Lightly run your fingers over her panties. The less friction the better at this point.  Let the tips of your finger along the edge of her panties, over the panties and just a wee bit under the panties. When your partner thrusts her pelvis towards your hand, you know it’s time to move to step two.

2.  Get rid of those goddamn panties.  Toss them aside to save as a souvenir, because you are about to become a superhero.

3.  Slowly, as slowly as you can stand, press your flat tongue at the base of her inner labia and run it up  to the top of her pubic mound.  The key here is plenty of saliva and deliberate pressure.

4.  Get creative.  Swirl your in around the entrance of the vagina, lap around the clitoris, gently penetrate her with your fingers.  Not so fast, Speed Racer! No matter your technique, it is important to build to space yourself, working up to a comfortable (for her) speed and maintaining a consistent rhythm.  Once established, do not change either or you will risk her losing her lady boner.

5.  Orgasm.  Pay close attention to how physical and auditory cues.  Some women enjoy light internal vibration  while building up to the big moment. When she is on the cusp of orgasm, pay attention to the entrance of her vagina.  Her muscles will begin to contract and during orgasm and a well-timed tongue bath will put her over the edge.

Wishing you all the best oral pleasure. Cheers!



  1. shannonhumphreys says:

    Um, this should be printed out and taped to every phone pole, bus stop and public bench in the universe.

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